Hey Everyone!

Hi guys! So this is my first blog post ever, how awesome is this! I have wanted to start a blog for sometime now and I decided that today would be the day. First off I thought I would answer the question of why I decided to call my blog Earth Muffin. First off an earth muffin is defined as…

Earth Muffin – environmentally conscious, socially aware, recycles when she can, prefers organic and natural products, and will drive out of the way to support local mom and pop produce stands before consumer corporations. She’s a modern hippie but also on the practical side. She’s cute, showers regularly and encourages others to do the right thing without being judgemental or critical.

I thought that this term was pretty accurate in describing myself, although I cant take credit for coming up with it. My mom suggested it to me this morning after I mentioned me starting a blog, apparently this is what they used to call the cute girls at Grateful Dead concerts back in my mom’s time. So thanks mom!! : )

Anyway today so far has been pretty lovely day. Its saturday so i woke up at about seven in the morning and went for a two mile walk. Then I came home and made some carrot-apple juice using my Breville juicer, which I them mixed with hemp protein powder. My agenda for the rest of the day is work from 12 to 8, grocery shopping with mom and then studying for finals next week. Ill write more tomorrow I have to go finish up getting ready for work.

Pictures coming soon!




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