Free at last!


Today was my last day of school – I am now officially a high school senior! I cant believe it, it seems like 2009 just started and now its already June.

I had an AP meeting after school on Wednesday and we got the summer reading list. We have to read The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, King Lear by William Shakespeare and finally The Cider House Rulesby John Irving. I am actually looking forward to reading these summer books – especially King Lear because I love reading Shakespeare’s work.

With my summer being free aside from working and my AP work I have decided that I am going to focus more on working out and gaining strength. This is something that I haven wanted to do for a while now but with school and work I never really had the time. But I have been researching on the Internet whenever I have a spare minute and I decided that tomorrow will be day number one of my summer fitness challenge.

Over this summer I would like to gain strength and endurance – I would love to be able to run a couple miles (heck even one mile!) without getting out of breath. I want to focus more on my total physical health. Right now I’m going to start off slow – continue walking in the morning’s and I will start practicing my yoga daily. I will also be incorporatingweight lifting into my daily routine. One thing I have also been looking into is joining a gym – but all of the gym’s around here are quite expensive. So now im on the hunt looking for the best low cost alternatives out there that will still give me results. Ill make sure to review all of the products that I try here. : )

stuffed mushrooms - delish

stuffed mushrooms - delish

This picture above is from a couple days ago – its a red pepper stuffed with my homemade marinara sauce, white mushrooms and fresh basil. It was perfect paired with my dinner.

Speaking of dinner I saved my pulp from juicing this morning and I put it in the fridge, tonight I plan on trying out my “Mock Tuna” recipe after I get home from work. I sure hope it goes well! The main thing im curious to see is wether or not it will actually taste like real tuna fish. It should be interesting for sure – I will let you know tomorrow!




  1. Did the mock tuna today! Consistency amazed me! Thanks so much, will be posting about it later. : )

    1. Michal Mymo · · Reply

      yay! i am so happy that you liked it, cant wait to read about it : )

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