Evening guys – I have a lot of fun stuff to talk about! First off last night I attempted to make my Mock Tuna salad and it turned out good – but I believe the recipe could use a wee bit of tweaking to make it taste more tuna fishy. I don’t give any amounts below because the recipe depends on how much fresh carrot pulp that you use. I also personally love onions and tomatoes, so I always add extra. Ill post the recipe now and alter edit the post if and when I decide to make changes.
tasty mock tuna salad

tasty mock tuna salad

Mock Tuna Salad

For the tuna base

Carrot pulp – from juiced carrots

Tomatoes – chopped

Onions – chopped, to taste

Scallions – chopped, to taste

Avocado Mayonnaise

1 Avocado – smashed

splash EVOO

1 tbsp. water

pinch celtic sea salt & pepper


Place the smashed avocado, EVOO, water and salt/pepper in a blender or food processor (I use my Magic Bullet) and blend until smooth and creamy – the texture will be like a regular mayonnaise. Set aside.

In a large bowl mix the carrot pulp with the tomatoes, onion and scallions. Mix well. Add the avocado mayonnaise into the bowl and mix. Add another pinch of salt and pepper – or more until its too your liking.

Simple and oh so tasty. I made my mock tuna salad into wraps using collard green leaves. I also sprinkled a mexican herb/spice blend on top to give it a little extra punch. Yummy : )

can you say tasty!

can you say tasty!

In other news today was day one of my summer fitness challenge. This morning I woke up around seven and I went for my usual walk. It was really nice and I ended up running into a woman who is in my vegan support group so we walked together and the time just flew by. I came home and I juiced using my Breville Juicer – which my mom and I have fondly named Lucy for no particular reason.
Here is Lucy!

Here is Lucy!

A picture of my delicious carrot-apple juice cocktail – which apparently can also be called and “Adam and Eve”
my favorite choice for a morning pick-me-up

my favorite choice for a morning pick-me-up

 After juicing I relaxed and painted my nails – I studied for my ACT to0 which I am taking again on the thirteenth of this month. I also did yoga and lifted weights for a little bit while I got caught up on some television shows that I have been recording. I worked today from 5-8 and it was fun. Time passed by quickly because a girl I work with speaks french and she was teaching me how to say some simple french phrases.

Ja mapelle Michal.

A une belle journee.

Hehe. Today was just a lovely day. I had the best dinner ever tonight! I will post more about it tomorrow.




  1. I’ve always enjoyed mock tuna salad made with carrot pulp. It makes me happy to have a juicer.

  2. I’m excited to try this recipe this coming week! Thanks!

    1. Your welcome! Let me know how it turns out : )

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