New Favorites!

Morning Everyone!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday – I was crazy busy! I got up early around seven and went for my usual morning walk. Then I came home, juiced and cleaned up the kitchen a bit and worked on making a grocery list. After running to Borders and the health food store with my mom I went to work. I worked yesterday from twelve to six. Afterwards I went to visit my great grandparents, went to Giant Eagle, came home made some dinner and then rushed to a graduation party until about 9.

Phew! Im tired just reading about my day yesterday. Today will be pretty similar. At my school today around one o’clock is the graduation ceremony so I will be attending and playing with the band. After I am done at graduation I am going out with my good friend to celebrate my birthday – and yes we are going to my favorite vegan restaurant!! I am really looking forward to it – and I promise I will take a few pictures! After we are done with lunch I will be attending four graduation parties tonight – all of which are from 5-9! It should be really fun though. But I am going to be sad today because a lot of my best friends are going to be graduating and going off to college – which I get to stay in high school. But hey this time next year it will be my turn to graduate!

Now I have to tell you guys about my super tasty dinner that I had two nights ago! I used my spiralizer for the first time and I love it. We bought a Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer off of amazon.

my nw favorite kitchen gadget!

my new favorite kitchen gadget!

 It is very easy to use and was quite inexpensive. The first thing that I decided to spiralize was a zucchini squash. It was so good that I ended up going through two whole zucchini squash and I had my mom buy five more at the store last night. I made some of my simple marinara sauce to go with it, and I cut some white mushrooms and added some italian herbs. Simply delicious!

can you say YUM?

can you say YUM?

dinner01 002

One thing that I have noticed is since I became a raw vegan my tastes for food have changed and I have become way more open to trying new things. Some of my favorite foods now I had never even tried – such as avocados or red peppers. I just assumed that I didn’t like them because I had never had them before. Boy was I wrong!

In other news I think I may have found a local yoga studio – I am beyond excited! Not only do they offer yoga classes but they have yogilatiesand belly dancing. How cool does that sound? : ) Plus they are only ten minutes from my house! I will definitely be looking into this more closely. My summer fitness challenge is going good so far. I found a super cool website called – you can make an account for free and they have all kinds of work out videos that you can watch on your computer. Some of the videos you have to pay for – but they have a lot of nice yoga and pilate’s videos that you can watch in entirety for free!

I guess I had better be off – so much to do today and I still have to get ready.



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