When Squirrles Attack!

Hello : D

Sorry for not blogging the past couple days – I have been so busy! They called me into work so I have been working more and since I’m retaking the ACT on Saturday in my free time I have been studying so I can hopefully raise my score a couple more points. This is  all in addition to my AP reading and assignments. Can you say exhausting?!

My summer fitness challenge is going really well.  This morning my walk was really nice, I ended up choosing a new route and I ended up walking a little over 2 miles without noticing. Speaking of my summer fitness challenge I have a funny little story that I wanted to share. Tuesday morning I was walking along minding my own business when I noticed a squirrel on the opposite side of the street. (Fun fact about Michal – I am deathly afraid of squirrels!!) Anyway the squirrel stopped – looked right at me and then began to cross the street towards me! I started to freak out so I crossed the street to the opposite side and continued to walk, while keeping a close eye out for the squirrel. The squirrel ended up following me for two blocks – and I looked really silly crossing the street back and forth trying to get away from the squirrel! It makes me laugh thinking about it now, but how strange is that? So lets just say that I have avoided walking down that street since Tuesday!

Anyway back to my fitness challenge – I have been practicing my yoga more lately. I really love how calm and centered I feel after I get done doing a session. I called the yoga studio that is near my house and the classes there are $10 per session, so I don’t know if I am going to be able to go all the time but maybe every once in a while! My flexibility is also increasing. I have always been pretty flexible but now I am noticing that I can bend a little further without feeling any discomfort.

juicy apricots on a summer day!

juicy apricots on a summer day!

One of my new favorite fruits that I am obsessing over is apricots! My mom picked me up a couple from Giant Eagle and I can get enough of them. Not only are the crisp and juicy, but they are sweet and tart too. The perfect fruit and it makes a yummy afternoon snack. Apricots are high in vitamin A (beta-carotene), C and are good sources of potassium and fiber. So eat up!

I have been tinkering around in the kitchen coming up with some more new recipes. Lately I have been eating a lot of collard green wraps and avocados – I cant seem to get enough. A recipe that I will hopefully be posting soon is for my raw version of pizza bagels. Back when I used to eat a SAD diet I would eat these by the box two or three times a week. But I have a feeling that I am going to like my raw version ten times better. My mom also did the nicest thing ever! A month or so ago at my vegan potluck my good friend made a tasty Jicama salad. It was possibly the tastiest thing that I have ever eaten, and after eating three heaping plates full she just gave me all of it to take home! I had never even heard or tried jicama until then but I asked my mom to pick some up at Giant Eagle. It ended up costing her $13.00!! They posted it as $3.99 so my mom figured that it meant for the whole thing, not per pound because it was not labeled that way. I have to agree – at Giant Eagle they usually mark wether or not its the price per pound ect… so we were both a little upset. 


my huge jicama!

my huge jicama!

So a big THANK YOU to my awesome mom for buying me my large and super tasty jicama. I am trying to find a special recipe using it that both my mom and I can enjoy so if you have any suggestions let me know! : )

Well I better get going – I have got a full day ahead of me. But before I go here is a picture of my snack that I just made.



Hehe! Have a great thurdsay!



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