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woah! a meat-less meat sauce!

woah! a meat-less meat sauce!

Does this not look incredibly delicious? As you guys no since Ive gotten my spiralizer I have been going pasta crazy I cant get enough of it. Well the other night as I was reading through a favorite blog of mine – Raw Food Punk – she blogged about making homemade pasta sauce. In one of her variations she talked about putting mushrooms in a food processor to make them small and mixing it with the sauce in order to give it a “meat-like” texture. I tried it and it is amazing!

MMMM : )

MMMM : )

Only thing is that in my excitement to eat the sauce I bumped the nob on my spiralizer making it into ribbons instead of noodles. But it was still equally tasty! So thanks Hayley for the suggestion it turned out awesome! Make sure you check out her blog here, its really cool!

Also you might notice that these pictures are way more clear than some of the other ones that Ive posted before. That is because after playing around with my camera I realized that I have a special setting for taking pictures of things up close. I cannot believe that it was there all along and I didn’t know. Oh well! So now I will be taking even more pictures of the foods that I’m making – and now you will actually be able to tell what it is. Hehe.

last nights dinner

last nights dinner

Last night I made the most delicious creamy avocado salsa ever. With fresh tomatoes, red pepper, corn and green beans it was a winner! Green beans are so tasty – I cannot believe that I have not ever eaten then raw until yesterday. Not only are green beans (or snap beans) scrumptious – but they are high in fiber, potassium, iron, riboflavin and vitamins A, C and K. They are also in season so be sure to go and stock up.

I have also declared today to be JICAMA SUNDAY! Today I am finally going to be using my jicama in some tasty recipes. I almost forgot to mention what happened at the grocery store. My mom went back to Giant Eagles to get more produce – and she ended up talking to the produce manager about the jicama and how it was incorrectly priced ect, and the man was so nice that he ended up giving us a full refund! How nice of him. Ill be sure to post recipes tomorrow. And a big thank you to the produce manager who was kind enough to give us the refund.  : )

Today is going to be a nice and relaxing day. I took my ACT test yesterday and I feel like I did okay – I was definitely more prepared for this one than the first time that I took it. I just hope that all of my hard work and studying paid off! Yesterday was also one of my close friends birthday’s – so to celebrate we went to see a movie and hung out.  After I got home my mom and I decided to tackle our kitchen and we ended up doing major cleaning and re-arranging. It is so nice having a clean, well organized kitchen. We put most of our pots and pans down below in a cupboard, along with most of our appliances (like our toaster and coffee maker). We have oodles of counter space now and cooking in the kitchen is way more enjoyable.

On my agenda today is visiting with my family who is coming over, and doing some AP work along with some chores. This week is going to be a busy one! I have robotics camp every day from 8 to 1, then on different days I have things like my color guard practice (Tuesday) , my vegan support group (Wednesday), and then work Thursday through Saturday. Oy. I am tired just reading about this week. Ill be sure to keep you guys updated with my summer fitness challenge – which is going awesome! And I have a couple videos that you guys have to check out so stay tuned.



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  1. Thanks so much! I’m thrilled to know you enjoyed it!

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