Rain rain…

Yay- its Wednesday! I hope that your week is going well, mine is going great! As I am sitting here typing this it is thunder storming out. Yesterday it was eighty degrees out and gorgeous and today its on the chillier side and thunder storming. That’s Ohio for ya!

I have been busy busy BUSY and running around everywhere, but I don’t mind it though. My aunt and cousin gave me the most beautiful belated birthday present ever yesterday. They got me a yoga mat! Its made by a company called Gaiam and it is very nice. You might note that its green which happens to be my all time favorite color. I used it for the first time today and it made practicing a lot easier. I felt more stable and grounded, and I was able to hold my poses for longer than usual.

the tree of life

my fabulous new yoga mat!

 The concept of the Tree of Life basically uses the interconnecting roots and branches that stem from the tree trunk to illustrate that all life on earth is interconnected in some way. This concept has been used in multiple different areas – including science, philosophy, mythology and religion. Check out this link for some more information on the Tree of Life.


I find this concept fascinating. That everybody and everything in some way is connected through something else. Every one person’s actions has a direct effect on their surroundings. It really makes you think about things that normally you would not even consider.

A while ago I also promised you guys that I would post reviews of the products I have been trying out – so Ive got my first review for you! The DVD that I’m reviewing today is called “Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss”. Its by a woman named Suzanne Deason. I personally find this DVD to be a very nice introduction to yoga – it teaches you the basics such as the importance of proper breathing and the most basic poses that you use when practicing yoga. Its quite relaxing and a really nice way get into practicing yoga with out trying to make yourself into a little pretzel!

Yoga Condtioning for Weight Loss

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

The DVD is sixty minutes long – the workout is actually forty minutes. In the DVD there is a breathing warm up, active yoga conditioning and a nice cool down. There are four women in the DVD all doing different modifications of the main workout so there is something for everyone at any level. I would definitely recommend purchasing this DVD if you a curious about practicing yoga – or want to start off slow. For you more experienced yogi’s out there I would recommend getting a different DVD as you might get bored of this one quickly. Hope you enjoyed my review – and be on the lookout for reviews on books next!


Now you might be asking what is that tasty looking picture up above there? That my friends is what I had for dinner on Tuesday night and oh my gosh it was amazing! I had some left over red pepper corn salsa that I made on Monday night. So I just used my spiralizer and made zucchini noodles, and mixed the two together. I added tons of white mushrooms, cucumbers, green beans and my favorite mexican herb blend. It has to be one of my favorite raw concoctions to date! I gobbled it all up – and if there would have been anymore I would have went back for fourths!! Hehe : )
My vegan potluck dinner should still be tonight – I am not sure if it is going to be cancelled because of the rain. I am bringing a huge tasty salad. Ill make sure to get some pictures and post them here! Now I leave you with a picture of the best snack ever – I call it my bowl of sunshine.
my tasty bowl of sunshine!

my tasty bowl of sunshine!

Happy Wednesday!




  1. OH, that looks delicious!! Your zucchini is noodled very nicely. 🙂

    1. Thanks cherie, i love my spiralizer! I constantly joke that it has become my new best friend. hehe

  2. […] or waves. why did i start? I wanted a new way to challenge and take care of my body. mat color: sea-foam green and light blue what i wear: usually a racerback tank top and a pair of soffees or yoga […]

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