Thank gosh it’s… thursday?

I woke up this morning convinced that it was friday and that tomorrow was a holiday. Darn. I am so looking forward to having a little break from work. But oh well saturday will be here soon!

I hope you all have been enjoying some banana soft serve – I know I have!

mmmm : )

mmmm : )


my pretty yellow bowl!

I can tell you right now that this is quickly becoming a staple in my house. Yesterday morning I ate it for breakfast with a crisp apple and green grapes – and boy does anything taste sweeter dipped in delicious banana goodness!

Even though I have been one busy girl I still have been munching on the sweetest things around.

fresh fruit galore

fresh fruit galore

My mom and I bought plums the other day at Giant Eagle and I forgot how much I loved them! They are so juicy and delicious. Plums are relatives of the peach, nectarine and almond. They are all considered to be drupes, or fruits that have a hard stone pit surrounding their seeds. When plums are dried, they are known as prunes. Plums and prunes help to increase absorption of iron into the body and are high in potassium and vitamins C, A and B2 (or riboflavin). They also provide good amounts of dietary fiber and  that can help with digestion.

Plums are classified into six general categories-Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental, Wild and European/Garden- the shape, size, and colors vary. Usually round, plums can also be oval or heart-shaped and the skins can be red, purple, blue-black, green, yellow or amber. When buying plums look for ones that give to gentle pressure and that are slightly soft. Good quality and tasty plums will have a rich color and they should be free of punctures, bruises or any signs of decay.

so delicious!

so delicious!

In this bright red bowl of yum I have…

  • cauliflower
  • tomatoes
  • red pepper
  • jalapeno pepper
  • sweet corn
  • spiralized zucchini squash
  • mushrooms
  • scallions
  • white onion

For a quick dressing I just used some EVOO and I mixed it with some thyme and my all time favorite mexican herb blend.

It has been an icky couple of weather days here in Ohio – lots and lots of rain. I went driving yesterday with my instructor (today is my last time thank gosh) and I had to drive in monsooning rain! I was a little nervous because the car was hydroplaning and I have never had to deal with that before. I also had to practice doing cones in the rain when I could barely see – but he told me that I was doing well and that he was surprised at how good I was doing with maneuverability. I can not believe that I am going to be getting my license soon I am so excited. I don’t think that I mentioned that I have my own car did I? My grandpa and my grandma gave it to me and it is totally a perfect first car. It is a 1992 station wagon Yes it’s quirky and a little odd but I think that it suits me just perfectly! I will take some pictures this saturday so you guys can see. : )

I still have to figure out what to name it – anyone have any suggestions?

My mom and I went to the grocery store last night and right now the fridge is just bursting with all kinds of tasty food – I don’t know what to eat first! She also bought me a couple special goodies that I’m using to make some tasty eats. Thanks mom I love you!

Have a happy thursday everybody!




  1. I love banana whips, too. If you can get some mangoes for cheap (and ripe ones!!!!!!), they are a nice addition.

    This may sound strange, but you have posted pictures of yourself on here and now you are going to post your vehicle. I would make sure there’s no street or house or other identifying information in the picture. You never know who’s reading your blog and you don’t want anyone to know where you live!!!!

    1. Your right Cherie – I never really thought about it like that! Ill have to be extra careful from now on just incase because your right you never know. I bet mangos would taste really yummy! I actually have a couple in the fridge do you just process them in with your bananas? (:


  2. Yeah, I have a Vita-Mix, so I use the tamper that goes down and put the softer fresh fruit in first, such as mangoes, and put the frozen fruit on top and then push down using the tamper as the blades are on. You could do it in a food processor, too, I think!

  3. Just eating your delicious banana whip for breakfast with other fresh fruit on top. It’s making me a bit cold though… it’s the middle of winter here and about 4 degrees! But I thought I’d better try it anyway 🙂 Will have to warm up with a hot cup of tea after!

    1. Amy im so glad that your enjoying it! Its honeslty not the warmest here in Ohio but right now but nothing can keep me away from my banana soft serve at the moment hehe (:

      Cherie your so lucky that you have a vita-mix! I would love to have one but they are just so darned expensive. I think I would be happier just getting a bigger food processor!


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