Going nutty…

Morning : )

Lately I have been craving nuts and seeds. Almond (butter), walnuts and yes COCONUTS!

I had the best time ever at the potluck last night the food was all amazing – pictures to come later today. For now lets talk about some of the things I have been munching on these days…

this was a perfect treat!

this was a perfect treat!

This 100% pure coconut water by Vita-Coco was so good. This one serving of coconut water had more potassium than two bananas and only sixty calories. Coconut water is truly amazing and it has the 5 essential electrolytes: potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous that your body needs to function. Back during WWII it was even used in emergency situations for blood/plasma transfusions!
sweet and juicy!

sweet and juicy!

Oranges are always a yummy snack!
Finally I have pictures of what I had for dinner Tuesday night – deelish!
my lovin' the chickies pate...

my lovin' the chickies pate...


with my ezekiel wraps!

with my ezekiel wraps!

These were so good, and my mini 6 inch Food for Life ezekiel wraps only made it better. The products from Food for Life are good and good for you. They are made out of all whole grains and they don’t contain any white flour or any starchy sugars like most common store bought kinds of breads.

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