Humus take one…

Ahh I just love Sunday’s!

This is the first real day off that I have had in a week and boy did I need it!

Last night I went to Borders and I got some new goodies – thanks for all the suggestions on which cookbooks were the best. I ended up getting…

new books for me - yay!

new books for me - yay!

VegNews has to be one of my favorite magazines and I was waiting for the new issue to come out. Veganomican is the cookbook that I ended up choosing and I am so happy that I got this one – all the recipes look delish. I am really looking forward to trying the Chickpea Cutlets and the Snobby Joes.

Vita Coco with Peach & Mango

Vita Coco with Peach & Mango

MMM! Another yummy coconut treat for me today – this time it was Vita Coco with Peach and Mango. It was really good and totally sweet but I think that I prefer the plain old Vita Coco. However at two bucks a pop these guys are costing me ten dollars a week. Oh well it’s still cheaper than all the starbucks sixbucks coffee I used to drink.

Today my cousin and I got together and made out tank tops for the Harry Potter movie premier this wednesday. Providing that I get my license on tuesday ill be driving us to the midnight showing – were both really looking forward to it! We haven’t gotten our tickets yet though because I don’t want to jinx anything.

my attempt at humus

my attempt at humus

Okay so after eating all of the humus that my friend Karla made I have been seriously craving it. Last night I decided that I wanted to make my own so I did. Oh brother. First for some reason I decided that it would be a nice idea if I made my own tahini. Well I had no idea that you had to soak and toast the seeds first so I just threw them in and it didn’t work at all. The humus itself ended up being more of a mashed zucchini with sesame seeds, but i just threw some cumin on it and it wasn’t too bad. The tasty fresh veggies helped too! Tomorrow I am going to bring some tahini home from work so I will try to make it again.

yummers - cashew cookie!

yummers - cashew cookie!

My afternoon snack – this has to be my favorite flavor.

Tonight I’ll be making dinner with a recipe from V’Con so I will post pictures tomorrow.

Michal ^__^



  1. Hahahaha sixbucks-love it! Mmmm I love Larabars, Cashew Cookie is definitely my favorite too 🙂

    I’m looking to make hummus when I’m done with my Master Cleanse. Do you make your hummus with chickpeas? I know they’re not raw but I love hummus soooo much, I can’t imagine it any other way

    1. Actually this particular recipe for humus is bean free – it uses zucchini and sun dried tomatoes instead. However I do have a couple recipes that use chickpeas which I love! My work makes the best humus and its so hard not to bring containers home everyday 🙂

  2. thanks for visiting sv! i love your blog so far, great variety in raw foods!

    enjoy v’con – one of my most used cookbooks 🙂

    p.s cashew cookie is my favorite lara too!

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