Goodies Galore!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all enjoying the weather – it is particularly nice out today.

First off I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night- it was amazing! No spoilers here but the special effects were awesome and it was nice to see an more emotional side of the characters that we havent seen before in the other movies.

Okay now onto my day yesterday. My mom and I went out for a little girl’s day out. This ment shopping at Barnes & Noble and going out for lunch at my favorite place – The Flaming Ice Cube.

outside shot

outside shot

As I have said before and I will say again this is my all time favorite place to eat. If we lived closer to it I would come every single day (unfortunately we are like a forty-five minute drive so trips out here aren’t too often!) Lets talk food first shall we…

this burger was so good!

this burger was so good!

My mom decided that she would get a Vegan Burger which she had topped with lettuce, soy cheese and lots and lots of mustard.

Spinach Salad with Organic Tofu & Dried Cranberries

Spinach Salad with Organic Tofu & Dried Cranberries

I chose to get the Spinach Salad with Organic Tofu and Dried Cranberries. It came with fresh spinach topped with grilled marinated tofu, dried, cranberries, water chestnuts and a homemade green onion vinaigrette. Yum yummy! This was my first time trying tofu and I loved it – I was seriously contemplating ordering another salad just to get the tofu hehe!

After we were done eating we also got drinks to go – I got a Sunshine Smoothie which was banana, strawberry and pineapples with soy milk. My mom got an iced chocolate chai. They were both too yummy and we drank them all before I could snap a picture!

the quirky shop in the cafe

the quirky shop in the cafe

My mom and I ended up getting a couple cute magnets, a cool new sprouting jar and my mom bought me some vegan vanilla chap-stick! After browsing we decided to go to the health store which happened to be right next door.

Living Naturally

Living Naturally

We got a bunch of goodies here!

We got raw almonds, oat groats, sunflower seeds and soy beans. We bought “Not Dogs” and I got some more of my favorite mini Ezekiel wraps. They also had lara bars and guess what flavors they had… APPLE PIE and CINNAMON ROLL! I have been wanting to try both of these flavors for a long time and when we saw them there my mom picked me up a few so I cant wait to gobble those guys up!

look at all the stuff!

look at all the stuff!

A package arrived for me today as well from my good friend and fellow blogger Kate who was nice enough to send me some clay and a bunch of super cute beads! It was like christmas in july! She is really talented and makes gorgeous jewelry, check it out here. I can’t wait until I can make some adorable jewelry with this. Thanks again Kate!

Tomorrow I have a bunch of food pictures to share since I have been getting creative in the kitchen, plus a picture of my new vegan purse that I got on sale!

Have a happy hump day!




  1. Ah you finally received it! =) I hope it’s all to your liking, let me me know what you make with them, I’d love to see!

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