Morning cups of what?

Rise and shine!

Its pretty early in the morning here today. Usually I get up around seven but I got up even earlier today because I have a robotics picnic I’m baking for, a car wash to help raise money for my color guard team and I am working from 1-6. Yeesh! And here all I feel like doing is taking a nap and catching up on my favorite shows!

two morning cups of yum!

two morning cups of yum!

This morning I made another huge green smoothie only this time I added blueberries because we were able to get two whole pints for two dollars! Thank you weekly sales. You might notice the cute little book next to my smoothie – this was lent to me from my friend Selma. A Morning Cup of Yoga written by Jane Goad Trechsel is a fun little pocket-sized yoga guide that let’s you get in a nice fifteen minute morning practice. It comes with a CD too and a neat little chart that you can rip out and hang up. I did it this morning for the first time and it was only fifteen minutes, and it felt good to get my yoga back in since I haven’t been able to practice much lately. However the only thing I didn’t really like was that it moved so fast so I wasn’t really able to enjoy the poses and feel the deep stretch. I will definitely be doing this again but maybe I will modify it a bit to make it last a little longer.

im feelin my blues

I'm feelin' my blues

I have been riding the blueberry train lately. Last night I threw together the most delicious salad. I have lettuce, spinach, radishes, sweet corn, jalapeno pepper and 1/2 an avocado. After mixing this all together I topped with some of the favorite zucchini humus and some blueberries. YUM! There were about four more bowls of this salad that I scarfed down.

I got also went shopping last night with my good friend and we found me the most adorable outfit to wear for my interview on Tuesday! Ill add pictures of it later on tonight. Off to get ready for the car wash : )



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  1. zucchini hummus sounds amazing!!

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