Maple-Chia-AB YUM!

I was in desperate need of a relaxing Sunday… and today it seems that I got my wish. The weather is so sunny and warm and all I really did today was go to church and then later I have just a few chores and a little AP work.

yours truely acting like a nerd

yours truly acting like a nerd

The car wash went great! The weather was nice and sunny and we ended up making all of the money that we needed to get our new flags and flag poles. After the car wash I went into work for a couple hours and we were so slow. I think we had a grand total of three people in 5 hours. It was okay though because I finished reading a college book and I began practicing for my college interview on Tuesday!

Spicy Salsa Salad

Spicy Salsa Salad

This salad that I had for dinner last night (plus four more bowls!) was one of the best salads that I have had in a long time. I threw together lettuce, spinach, 1/2 an avocado, 1 tomato, white onion, scallions, 1 ear of sweet corn, Eden Organics black soy beans and one of my new favorites…

Green Mountain Gringo

Green Mountain Gringo

My mom picked me up this salsa from my local health food store and I just go to try it out last night. Oh my gosh it was delish! It’s by a company called Green Mountain Gringo and its all organic, has no GMO’s and is low in sodium. It was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy to compliment my salad.

Maple-chia-AB yum!

Maple-chia-AB yum!

This is what I just got done eating for lunch and oh man oh man it was scrumptious. Thanks to my girl Heather I came up with this tasty concoction that left my mouth watering for more. In my bowl of chia seed goodness I had 2 tbsp. chia seeds, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp hemp protein powder, 1/2 banana and nutmeg. After giving it a whirl in my blender I topped it with a drizzle of maple syrup and the last of my almond butter *sniffle*. But don’t worry I am planning on making some of my own today with the raw almonds that I bought last tuesday at Living Naturally! With my bowl of maple-chia pudding I ate the other half of the banana, a slice of my favorite Ezekiel 4:9 bread and a nectarine.

Another bit of exciting news! We might be making a special trip up to Whole Foods! I live in a really small town and the nearest Whole foods is probably like 2 hours away, the same goes for Trader Joes unfortunatly. Anyway I mentioned it to my mom today and we might be making a special trip up there with my aunt and my cousin. Since Ive never been there and I know many of you have what products would you guys reccomend, or what are your favorites?

Well I’m off to do some chores and practice for my interview, I still can’t believe that im finally going to get to go and see the campus!




  1. ah girlfriend I totally feel ya — there isn’t a whole foods within a 2 hour drive of me! I’ve never been to one 😦 major bummer! enjoy and get some yummy goodies for yourself!

    happy sunday, beautiful! xo

  2. What fun!!

    Duuuuude I use that same brand of salsa – it’s the best. I like the roasted garlic and hot varieties the best 😀

    Enjoy Whole Foods!!!

  3. Love that salsa – it always tastes so fresh!

    Thanks for the shout-out my friend. I love all things chia. Your recipe sounds delicious. However, I did have one suggestion – you totally should have dumped it into your almond butter jar. That is my favorite way to use up the last of my almond butter. It’s so fun having the nut butter waiting for you at the bottom of the jar and scraping it all off from the sides. Yum! Perhaps you can try it when you finish off the last of your homemade almond butter. 🙂

    How exciting – a trip to Whole Foods. I don’t go there often as it’s so pricey, but I do love their 365 brand coconut milk and crunchy roasted almond butter. I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s. Love their almond butter – their raw version is so cheap compared to other brands. Also love their salsa flavored refried canned beans, and TJ’s Greek yogurt is another cheap item when compared to other brands. You can never go wrong at that store in my opinion. Happy shopping adventures. 🙂

  4. Hey girl!
    Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. Im glad I stumbled upon yours because its great! I loved reading your about-me as well. A Whole Foods trip–whether its regularly or a special drive–is always exciting. Enjoy!

    –Amy ❤

  5. I LOVE relaxing (and yummy) Sundays!

    On my toast I put Smart Balance and Whole Food’s blackberry spread. Yum 🙂

  6. hayleysun · · Reply

    That is the best salsa ever, I haven’t had it in far too long! Also the chia seed pudding sounds soooo good. Haven’t played with chia seeds much, but I think you have inspired me. Yum.

  7. good luck at your interview 🙂
    I hate AP summer work :\ such an annoyance!

  8. Victoria · · Reply

    Definitely stock up on raw nuts at trader joes, I buy all my nuts there because they’re so cheap! Whole Foods is my favorite grocery store and I’m lucky enough to have 3 within 2 miles of my house. I like to get boxes of Larabars there because they’re cheaper in bulk. Also the produce is amazing!! It’s so much juicier and tastier than anywhere else, you can really taste the difference. I’m actually about to go there right now! 🙂

  9. Thanks Kailey! 🙂

    Victoria you are so lucky to have 3 within 2 miles you lucky duck! I wish I could buy a whole case of Larabars I go through them fast enough haha.

    Thanks for your kind words everyone!

    – M

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  12. mmmm maple chia sounds so good!

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