Ahh Relaxation!

Finally a day off, this is the first day off that I have had in a long while. It feels really good to get to relax a little bit and stay in my pj’s!

hugh jass salad

hugh jass salad

This salad was serisouly the salad of all salads that I have had to date. I had a bunch of fresh produce from the farmers market, an avocado and french lentils. YUM!
Vanilla-Blueberry Parfiet

Vanilla-Blueberry Parfait

My mom and I made parfaits using the vanilla silken creations tofu that my mom bought for me the other day. With some crunchy granola, bananas and bloobs it was a perfect late night snack! We ended up going to Giant Eagle yesterday and got another container. Don’t you love my cup? We picked these up at my favorite restaurant The Flaming Ice Cube – it keeps drinks cold for hours. It also happens to be my favorite color… GREEN!
Sweet Potato French Bakes

Sweet Potato French Bakes

Last night after I got home from the gym I decided to make sweet potato fries. This was my first attempt at ever making these but they turned out amazing. They were slightly crispy on the outside but warm and smooshy on the inside. I spiced them with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg. For dipping I made a maple PBU sauce using this…
Mara Natha PB

Mara Natha PB

Another goodie we picked up at Giant Eagle… this PB is so good and creamy! I think I have almost polished off half the jar by now… oops  😉
Were going out to the mall tonight so I can pick up a few things. I need some new tank tops and shorts for the gym, and there are a couple books that I want to pick up at Borders. Plus I’m all out of sweet potatoes and whose knows how long that jar of PB is gonna last me?


  1. That salad looks amazing!!!!!

    And I have still yet to try MaraNatha PB AND AB! It’s a little bit expensive!! Hopefully soonnnnnnn!

    And yes, def. pick up Singer’s book!!


  2. Love pajama days.
    oh goodness…that PB is my FAVORITE (and trust me I have tried many brands) glad to hear your enjoying it!

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