Catchin-up Part One

Hello Lovelies ♥

Sorry I have been MIA these past couple days things have been crazy busy, the next post or two will be me playing catch-up

bog bowl of orange

big bowl of orange

I had this huge bowl of orange for breakfast a couple days ago. In it I had fresh carrot juice with a little bit of pulp mixed back in, a cup of granola and a few almonds. It was really good! But later on in the day I ended up feeling a little sick and had a stomach ache… I’m not sure if it was because of this or something else though. Oh well!

chocolate chai PB goodness

chocolate chai PB goodness

I dont even know what came over me when I made this snack. I was hungry and I was craving my oaties, but I wanted PB too! I ended up making a teeny batch of my oat groats with my Spiru-tien Chai Powder. On a Lundburg rice cake I spread my new favorite chocolate PB and then drizzle my oats on top.

worth waking up for!

worth waking up for!

Inspired by my girl over at Fitnessista I decided to try and make a breakfast cookie. Well it turned out pretty good, but I didn’t follow her measurements exactly… which is probably why my oats were still crunchy. Regardless it was good and I will definitely be making attempting to make one of these again (hopefully I can follow the directions next time hehe!)

lovin the chickies pate

lovin the chickies pate

Tired after a long workout at the gym I came home and ate the rest of my lovin’ the chickies pate on a baby ezekiel wrap, with spinach and tomatoes. Along with my lunch I had a special little treat…

Blueberry Crisp Cliff Bar

Blueberry Crisp Cliff Bar

Review Alert! I have been really curious about Cliff Bar’s for the longest time – the only reason I have held off is because I wasn’t sure if they were vegan or not. Well I am happy to say that they are! I grabbed this one on the way out of target.

mmm (:

mmm (:

It was absolutely perfect. It was sweet yet a little bit tart. Crunchy bit still soft and chewy. It had nice chunks of blueberries and nuts in it too. Most of the ingredients were organic and the company doesn’t use any GMO’s which is totally awesome.

Next post look forward to more hugh jass salads, product review, and special goodies for me!



  1. I quite like the Clif bars too. It does amaze me that they pack 250+ calories into such a small serving but they are delicious! The raisin walnut one tastes like cake!

  2. wow that breakfast cookie looks so decadent! I bet your taste buds really enjoyed that one 🙂

    yay for cliff bars being vegan – I didn’t know that! You must try the maple nut!

  3. I love the LOVE THE CHICKS PATE! 🙂 Mmm! Great eats!

  4. femininedarcy · · Reply

    I’ve been MIA from my blog too! Glad to see you are back. Out of curiosity are all cliff bars vegan? Do you know if any are raw? my sister and I tried to eat raw for a couple days and it was impossible for us!

    1. Hello there 🙂 all of the regular cliff bars are vegan. The pro/builder shot ones arent though, i believe they have whey in them. None of the are raw however, but i do like how they are mostly organic and are chock full of vitamins too. Being raw is challenging, I know I have had to include somemore cooked food in my diet because wasnt happy with all of the weight I was losing.

  5. […] all know im a fan of Larabars and Cliff Bars, but the other day I picked up a couple of these bad boys. Heart Thrive nutritious meals on the go […]

  6. Oh how I wish to try this bar!! and WCMN

  7. […] It was indeed chocolaty. But since I am not a huge chocolate lover, it was only so so for me. I would prefer to have my Blueberry Crisp. […]

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