Catchin-Up Part Two

Hi there, I hope your all having a wonderful Tuesday.

So I finally have a day off, and I am so happy! I just get to lay around the house and finish up my AP work, apply for scholarships online ect. My mom and I had a meeting with a man about my senior pictures last friday, we went to this new little cafe that opened up about ten minutes away from my house. We ended up loving the guy and his work was amazing, we booked the photographer for September 5th! Any suggestions lovelies on what I should wear for my pictures?

I grabbed some food to go because I knew that I would be tired after the gym and wouldn’t feel like cooking.

Spinach Salad with Apple, Cranberries and Walnuts

Spinach Salad with Apples, Cranberries and Walnuts

Vegan Spring Rolls with Tofu

Vegan Spring Rolls with Tofu

Since I was super hungry I got a popeye spinach salad that came with apples, cranberries and walnuts. It was amazing but I ended up making my own dressing to go with it, it was a balsamic-maple syrup combo that was deelish. I also got the vegan spring rolls which were so tasty. I loved the way that they marinated the tofu it gave it a nice smokey flavor. I am definitely going to be going back to this place. They had tones of options and they even were willing to make any of their items on the menu vegan. Plus the guy who worked there was raw vegan too and we had a nice conversation about that which lasted for a better part of the evening. They are hiring soon so who knows, maybe ill be getting a new job!

pretty ♥

pretty ♥

My mom and I both made smoothies for lunch on Sunday, and since her’s looked really good two I snuck a little bit into my bowl and it looked like this. Isn’t it pretty? Plus eating a smoothie out of a bowl is way more fun!

Now my mom has been spoiling me rotten these past couple days (I just love being the only child!). On Sunday after my mom dropped me off at the gym she told me to take my time because she had an errand to run. Mysterious! After I got done and went into the car she had a Best Buy bag! Guess what was inside?

my new iPod shuffle!

my new iPod shuffle!

betsey johnson wallet & arm band

Betsey Johnson wallet & arm band

I have been using my old MP3 player for years now (that I lost the cord to so I couldn’t put any new music on!). So that means at the gym I am working out to Ricky Martin… oh boy. Well she ended up buying me a green iPod shuffle (which is my favorite color!), matching headphones, a arm band and an adorable Betsey Johnson wallet thing to keep it in. I have been having so much fun putting music on it. Working out last night was a blast and it ended up going by really quickly because of me new tunes. Thanks mom!

Question of the day :

What is your favorite type of music to listen to while you workout?

I have to admit that mine is rap/pop. Something about it keeps me going and makes me feel “bad” when im running. I know I’m weird (:

More goodies and suprises tomorrow!




  1. I love listening to rap/hip-hop/techno/rock while working out; and even some classical!! Don’t judge, haha 😉

  2. ohhhh i had a bit of catching up to do! yay for new IPOD, that orange in a bowl with granola (YUM!) and that gorge salad. drool.

    i am all about musicals when working out – hairspray, joseph, moulin rouge, high school musical…you name it, i have it!

    as far as senior pics go, having been there, try to stick to some classic outfits. i tried one too many trends, and my pics are quite humorous looking back!

  3. Have a great day off! Hope you have fun at the swim party 🙂 I love those spring rolls, they look so fresh! I would say I’m with you, I love listening to hip hop when I work out, it just gets me pumped!

  4. Love your description of why you like listening to rap/pop! Brilliant! I listen to similar stuff but throw in some indie/dancy stuff too – in fact it’s a massive mix of anything that’s beat/lyrics makes me want to scoot my butt!

  5. DO NOT wear any patterns for your picture. My photographer says a simple, solid color basic shirt always comes out the best, especially if it is black and white.

  6. How sweet is your momma!! I miss the days when my parents used to spoil me. Now I am married and have a child and she is the only one getting spoiled these days :(. I don’t listen to music while working out. Tried it a few times and it just didn’t do it for me. Am I weird? I think I am the only one in YMCA without an ipod strapped to my arm.


  7. […] I have been to Cafe Nu once before once before last august here. […]

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