Hey guys!

First off I just wanted to say im so touched by the amount of love given to me by you guys, the amounts of congratulations and good lucks that I got for my drivers test was astouding more than I ever expected. I feel so special hehe (:
Tonight I just have time for a quick post and I mean super duper quick. Ive been at band camp all day long for twelve hours and I’m suffering from major sun burn. Boo, no fun.

It was so hott and muggy and we had to sit outside in the blazing sun. Then randomly it decided to start hailing, so we had to run back to the school. And to think I have two more days of it. Ick.

I went to Chipotle on Sunday and it is my new obsession. I love their guacamole, it was amazing. I have pictures but again I just got home from the gym and I need to shower. My friend Sarah and I went out and did a little shopping for back to school, we also went to check out this thing called The 99. We heard that this was supposed to be amazing, and since we got free tickets we decided to check it out. We waited in line for two and a half hours and were disappointed. It didn’t really impress us at all, plus a woman got so scared that she started pushing everyone and I somehow ended up on the ground. I’m totally okay though, Ive just got a couple of bruises.

On a fun note I won band historian, we had election today for band officers. I’m super happy because I’min charge of documenting this year and making scrap books and things. I ♥ being able to be creative.

Question of the day –

What are your favorite cures for sunburn?

We have Noxzema but it doesn’t seem to be working too well.



  1. efilyzarcym · · Reply

    While it is certainly not a cure, I have a suggestion to take the pain away…..vinegar.
    Yup, vinegar.
    Just put some vinegar in a decent sized bowl and using paper towels, get them wet (wring them out) and place on the sunburned area(s). It makes the burned areas feel cooler. It also stinks to high heaven…but, it works.
    I also use aloe.
    Good Luck!

  2. Jill Mandley · · Reply

    Aloe Vera juice.
    If you have the plant kicking around your apartment, rip off a leave adn rub the gell on your burn. Otherwise, you can find it in a health food store.

  3. Oh my gosh I loooooove Chipotle! Burrito bowls whooooo! Hmm sunburns, did you try any aloe? Sometimes that works a little.

  4. I passed my test last week as well!! Congrats lady! Super awesome feeling, isn’t it? I haven’t had chipotle in a minute, I need to get my butt over there for some guacamole loving!

  5. Thanks for all the helpful tips on my sunburn!
    Unfortunatly it got worse today, and now I have a few blisters ick.
    efilyzarcym i tried what you said and it did work, it made me feel alot better – the smell though was super intense haha!

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