Finally I’ve got a chance to breath. I have been running and running like the energizer bunny these past few days!

Band camp has been killer, my sunburn is really bad but I’m proud to say that we have put together an amazing show and I am so proud of my line! We had pictures today and we wore our new uniforms for the first time, it was awesome! I am so glad that things are going to be getting back to normal, or well more on the normal side at least until school starts.

Chipotle Salad

Chipotle Salad

Yum! I got a chance to try the infamous Chipotle this past Sunday, and I was in heaven. A vegetarian salad with extra guacamole, black beans and salsa made a perfect and hearty meal. My other friend and I went over to Chipotle again yesterday for lunch during our break from band camp, I got the same thing only I added the sauteed veggies that time.

Shopping with one of my best friends on Sunday was a real nice treat, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time and she is heading off for college soon! We chatted all day long : )

me and my friend

me and my friend

Review Alert!

On Sunday after my run to the gym I tried a new flavor of Cliff Bars – carrot cake!

Cliff Bar - Carrot Cake

Cliff Bar - Carrot Cake



This was really good – it was perfectly sweet, but not too sweet and it was very savory. All vegan, seventy percent organic, no GMO’s and chock full of vitamins and minerals I am a huge fan of cliff bars. However Larabars are still number one in my book!

morning snack (:

morning snack (:

On a recent trip to the health food store my mom picked me up some new rice cakes from Lundberg Farms. These ones are flavored like sweet green tea with a hint of lemon. These are so good! They are way sweeter than I expected but I really like them. With a little PB, flax seed action and some grapes it makes a great mid-morning snack. The only ingredients in them are :

 Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice, organic cane juice crystals, organic matcha green tea, organic lemon extract, organic green tea flavor.

This makes them 100% vegan – like many of there other products.

Me and my friend in line for the 99

Me and my friend in line for the 99

Lately I’ve been munching on huge salads, and sucking down my green smoothies like there is no tomorrow. My summer fitness challenge is going well. Summer is winding down and I am feeling better than ever. I notice now more than ever that my muscles are more defined and I am finally seeing results in my arms, woo! Now I am wishing that I would have taken some before and after pictures – oh well.

Oh I have some bad news too. I got into a mini car accident. I am totally okay don’t worry. Some guy peeled in the parking lot behind me, causing me to slam on my breaks and then I ended up hitting the back bumper of a womans car. We are all fine, she just has a couple scratches on her back bumper. I was so upset though, I didn’t know what do to. I still can’t believe that it happened and I’ve only just recently gotten my license. So I am a little stressed out at the moment, but I am just happy that everyone is okay.

My next couple days are still going to be super busy but I’ve got some cool pictures of goodies from the grocery store, and a couple more things up my sleeve.

Question of the day :

Have you ever been in a car accident or mini wreck? (I sure hope not!) If so how did you deal with it?


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  1. Thank goodness you’re okay after the accident!! Hang in there with everything, girl.

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