All things…

must come to an end.

summer that is.

Today was officially my last day a freedom, and tomorrow ill be heading back to school as a Senior!

Today overall was really relaxing and enjoyable. After church I went with my cousin to the mall to pick up a few pairs of jeans, and a couple other odds and ends that I needed to get for school. After shopping I went out to the gym and did cardio for about 45 minutes and went grocery shopping. I did some cooking today too!

Ghossains Medeterranian Gourmet

Ghossains Mediterranean Gourmet

 My mom and I went out to a new little shop that opened up called Ghossains. They had some of the most amazing stuff in there, including tahini for really cheap! I was so happy to finally get some more without having to pay and arm and a leg. They also had all kinds of specialty treats and the had a menu too where you can get take out. We are planning another trip soon so next time Ill take a few pictures of the inside.

apple, pb, raisiny goodness

apple, pb, raisiny goodness

Random snap-shot of a post workout snack that I made.

hugh jass salad

hugh jass salad

This salad was super delicious! My usual spinach tossed with an avocado, sesame seeds, an apple, red grapes, sweet corn, green onion and a little tomato and hot pepper. I loved how the sesame seeds added a hearty crunch!

vanilla soy & fruit parfait

vanilla soy & fruit parfait

This parfait is what I had for dinner the other night. Lately I have been craving fruit like the best of them so I decided to make a huge parfait. No parfait could be complete without Nasoya vanilla creations silken tofu and a sprinkling of Cascadian Farms fruit and nut granola. 

In other news lately my mom has been spoiling me rotten… and I am loving every minute of it!

grocery store goodies

grocery store goodies

A bunch of goodies that my mom picked up at the grocery store. Cliff bars, Ezekiel bread and english muffins, soy yogurt, chocolate soy milk and all kinds of other yummy stuff. Reviews to come (:

new cookware for me!

new cookware for me!

Since I have been cooking a lot more lately my mom bought me this, a shiny red new eco-friendly pan! She even put my name on the handle so no one else would use it. Ive got some big plans for this little guy. Thanks mom ♥

 Now as I sit here freshly washed, buffed, plucked (geese I know haha) and manicured I’m wondering exactly what tomorrow is going to bring. If your heading back to school good luck I hope you enjoy all your classes and let me know how it goes!

Question of the day –

What is your favorite piece of kitchen equipment?

Mine would have to be my combination blender/food processor hands down. I use it 2-3 times per day.



  1. That rice cake looks really yummy. 🙂
    I love new cookware too! Especially the eco-friendly stuff. 😉

  2. That salad and the parfait both look totally amazing!

    I don’t own much kitchen equipment but the French Press saves my life several days a week!!

    1. this might be a silly questions but is a french press like a panini press? 🙂

  3. […] told you guys I had some big plans for my new little eco friendly pan. I had my first experience cooking with firm tofu, normally I use the silken tofu. I pan fried firm […]

  4. Are Nasoya’s silken creations raw?

    1. No, nasoya silken creations are not raw. However they are mostly organic and they are very healthy for you (plus they are really yummy!) I do keep a bit of “cooked” non raw foods in my diet, which mainly include some soy/rice milk, sprouted grain breads, a sweet potato or two, soy yogurt ect. (:

  5. […] of my jar today! Boo But on the bright side it looks like a trip to my one of my favorite ethnic food stores is in […]

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