Back in action!

Hey guys!

So as you know my first day back at school was yesterday – and it went totally awesome!

meee : )

meee : )

My mom snapped this quick picture of me as I was about to take off for school – I just love the top that I’m wearing. Its so cool and slouchy, but fitted at the waist. School was a blast, I loved seeing all my friends again and saying hello to all of my teachers. My classes are tough though, I already have bunches of homework and a paper due Friday, and to top it all off I have band shows every single night this week so I wont be getting home until ten. Oy!

Pistachio Lara Bar

Pistachio Lara Bar

looks at those tasty chunks

looks at those tasty chunks

Review Alert!

I was able to get my hands on the pistachio flavored Larabar the other day and I had it on my way to the gym. The verdict? I really like this flavor, it was sweet but not too sweet and I loved how there were little chunks of pistachios in it, which made it a little crunchy. Only made with three ingredients – dates, pistachios, and cashews  it is definitely on my will buy again list.

a very bloggy breakfast

a very bloggy breakfast

Inspired by all my wonderful blogger friends out there I concocted this little creation for breakfast. Chia seed pudding, with maple syrup and raisins on top all mixed together with the last wee bit of my chocolate pb from target. This was so good! I am sad that I am all out of chocolate pb though, but next time I go to target I will defiantly be picking more up.

I’ve gotta go, a stack of homework is calling my name (unfortunately!)

Question of the day –

What is your favorite flavor of larabars?

I have to say my favorite that I have tried so far is apple pie… or cashew cookie… or pecan pie. okay so I might have more than one favorite… but they are so good it’s hard to pick just one!

Heads up – make sure to check out my girl Gina’s giveaway over at her blog Vegan Strong for Love Force raw energy products! How good do those bars look?



  1. So glad it went well!!

    I LOOOOOVE the pistachio Larabar – and Cashew Cookie is worthy as well.

  2. Once my jar of pb is at it’s last breath, I am totally eating my oats out of it. 🙂

  3. i love love love the coconut cream pie one, ginger snap! and microwaved banana bread . OMG. i just drooled a bit.

  4. Hands down, my fave Larabar flavor is PB cookie!

  5. My fave Larabar is the Pecan Pie, I ❤ it!

  6. I love the top! Where is it from?

    You are so pretty!

    1. Aww thank you so much, your too sweet.
      I got my top from kohls (:

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