happy hump day ☺

I hope that you all had an enjoyable day, my day wasn’t too shabby.

Now for the post you’ve been waiting for… the flaming ice cube!

me at my usual table

me at my usual table

After running errands on sunday my mom and I went and had a quick lunch at the flaming ice cube. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to it! The weather was cold on sunday when we went, it was in the lower fifties so they had warm savory specials on their menu!

oyster mushroom chowder

oyster mushroom chowder

Both my mom and I ordered two bowls of the tasty oyster mushroom chowder. It was delicious and I loved how the oyster mushroom’s gave the chowder a “meaty” texture. This was my first time trying them, and I was not disappointed. Sorry about the un-appetizing picture, I brought the old camera with me instead of the new. It was really yummy though!

sprouted grain bread

sprouted grain bread

Our waitress also threw in a few slices of complimentary sprouted grain bread because she knows that were regulars. Cool!

bowl of tasty yum!

bowl of tasty yum!

Here we’ve got a little post school snack, the perfect companion to my copy of Beowulf which you see in the background. In there I’ve got kiwi, peaches, plum, dried organic coconut, flax seeds and a splash of soy milk. Yum!

purple-berry bliss

purple-berry bliss

A little post workout munchie that I grabbed after working out for about forty-five minutes. My summer fitness challenge is now offically over, a wrap up post with pictures coming soon.

Sorry for the quick post, I’ve got oodles of trig to finish.

Tomorrow look forward to special post honoring one of the most important people in my life… and fun health store food finds!

Goodnight ♥



  1. that oyster chowder sounds really good ive never tried them though what do they taste like? i cant wait to see what the food find is!

  2. Just so you know seafood isnt vegan nor vegetarian. :0

    1. they are actually oyster mushrooms, which are a common edible mushroom. here is a link all about them here…


      there was no actual oyster’s in the cowder

      1. Ah gotcha sweet!!
        sounds pretty cool.

        add me or something

        AIM: SyntaxSniffer
        Yahoo Messenger: jeffmmonica

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