carrots, cliff bars and cuteness

a morning pick me up

a morning pick me up

One thing that I love about the weekend is that I finally have a chance to breath. Between school, work and working out at the gym I barely have time to do anything else. This morning I was able to wake up and just enjoy the day, and then I started to do a little trig assignment. So much for relaxing!

silk soy live yogurt

silk soy live yogurt

Because of school I have been snacking more through out the day. Usually I like to stick with smaller meals more spaced out, but with my schedual the way it is I am now trying to sneak in munches in between and during classes. That’s always fun haha. One of the things that I tried recently was Silk Soy Live yogurts in three different flavors. Blueberry, strawberry and vanilla.

Blueberry – I really liked this flavor, it was sweet and a little tart.

Strawberry – This flavor was good, but I would say it was my least favorite out of the three.

Vanilla – This was super good! I was expecting something similar to nasoya vanilla creations, and I was presently suprised to find that it was nothing like it. It was delicious.

These are super easy to take to school, and along with it I usually take a piece or two of fruit an some of my favorite granola.

Now for some fun stuff!

My senior pictures went great, I couldn’t have asked for better weather it was so beautiful out. My photographer ended up taking pictures of me for about 4 hours, and I changed outfits 5 times. Through out the session he showed me some of the pictures that they took and I saw a few that I really liked. He ended the session with telling me that I should be able to view my proof’s online Monday or Tuesday! That is much quicker than I anticipated.


cliff bars = yum!

cliff bars = yum!

Friday night with me to the football game I grabbed one of the many new flavors of Cliff Bar’s that I got from the health food store. The oatmeal raisin walnut flavor was really delish! It has whole raisins and walnuts and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg that really made it stand out. I would definatly buy this flavor again!


 My plans today are pretty relaxing. I have some trig that I have to finish, and I have to study for a test on Tuesday on Beowulf which I just got done reading for school. I have also been working for a while now on re-doing my bedroom and I am hoping today that I can finally finish it and put my new comforter on!


my new bedding

my new bedding

Isn’t it cute?

Question of the day –

What are your plans for labor day?

My family is having a cookout at my grandparents house, I still have to figure out what I am going to make for myself. Any suggestions?



  1. SO glad that you made it through a week of school and senior pictures!! Awesome 🙂

    The bedding is so fun!!

    Labor Day plans = annual BBQ.

  2. […] all know how much I love my soy yogurts – my favorite brand being Silk Soy Yogurts (my reviews here). Well after seeing Food Inc. I became aware that Stonyfield sold a soy yogurt. I was so excited! […]

  3. so you talk about nasoya creations here,
    i absolutely love those!
    but recently when i went to whole foods, they have disappeared! none at king soopers either! where do you buy yours?

  4. Hey darling!
    Just want to give you a headsup. SILK is owned by a major dairy company now..
    here is a link :

    It was also on FoodInc.

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