Starlight, star…


what you ask might this be below?

what could that be?

what could that be?


star fruit!

That’s right! My mom surprised me by coming home with a couple of carambola’s, or star fruit. Star fruit can also be called bilimbi, belimbing, chinese star fruit, five-angled fruit or a star apple. Star fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and are low in sugar, sodium and acid. Star fruit is a potent source of both primary and secondary polyphenolic antioxidants. One star fruit usually contains around one gram of protein. There are two different kinds of star fruits, sweet and tart. Tart varieties typically have narrowly spaced ribs, while sweet varieties tend to have thick, fleshy ribs. They are ripe and ready for eating when they are yellow in color. If you get the chance I would pick one up to try, they are super sweet and crisp. Plus they are so festive!

look how pretty

look how pretty

Angharad from over at Eating for England did a post recently on making homemade muesli – and she has me inspired. Check it out here. Im planning on getting some goodies at the store within the next couple of days and ill be whipping up a batch. Im thinking that it will make tasty school lunches!

I am down right exhausted. Today my mom and I went dress shopping for my school’s homecoming dance which is October 3. I am happy to say that after four hours of shopping and two trips out to the mall (some one forgot her drivers license whoops!) I am in possession of the perfect dress. It’s cute and spunky. Ill be posting some pictures of me in it tomorrow!

I also got a package in the mail that I have been eagerly awaiting! What is it? Dun dun dun… suspense! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow!



  1. Alas, I cannot get into starfruit! I wonder what it is that freaks me out. It’s definitely distinctive…

  2. What a pretty fruit! I’ve never tried that before. What is the pink dip? It looks yummy too.

    1. Thats just a three berry smoothie I made 🙂
      it has raspberries, blueberries and strawberries

  3. Yay! So glad you plan on making some muesli! I’ve been eating it by the truckload!
    Star fruit looks so pretty!!

  4. star fruit is sooooo good! i love that stuff!

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