Hola! Como esta mis chicos y chicas!

(like my spanish skills? unfortunately they end there!)

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I ended up having to study for a trig test. It’s kind of hard to try to focus on blogging while dealing with parabolic functions. Anyhoo first things first lets see what was in that mystery package shall we?

new goodies!

new goodies!

As you guys know (or know now anyway!) I am a huge make-up fan. I love buying new products when I can. Well the goodies that you see above are from E.L.F or Eyes Lips and Face cosmetics. This company does not test on animals. Plus everything is high in quality, but low in price. Many are just two dollars or less! They also have a line of mineral products and also a more high end fashion line. Also if you sign up for their news letter you receive coupons for free shipping, or free cosmetic bags. I love ELF!

i love new make-up

i love new make-up

Okay now promise you won’t laugh, it is not the most tasty looking thing but below is one of my latest food obsessions.

weird but tasty!

weird but tasty!

Carrot pulp + apple slices + vanilla soy milk = yum!

I made some carrot juice the other day using my juicer, and instead of saving the pulp for salads ect. I decided for some reason to mix it up with some but apple slices and a little bit of soy milk. Sounds gross but it’s actually super yummy – like carrot apple juice in a bowl. Try it out and you wont be sorry promise! (:

my homecoming dress ♥

my homecoming dress ♥

As promised here is a picture of me in my homecoming dress for this year! I am so happy that I chose this dress, I think it is fierce and sassy and it’s totally me! What do you guys think?

Well I have better run, I have a seven page english paper due friday that needs writing!

Question of the day –

What was your favorite dress/outfit that you wore for a special occasion? (Details please!)



  1. So fun! You’ll have a blast at homecoming 🙂

  2. ohhh girl, that dress is sassy! i LOVE it! enjoy your homecoming – man, i wish i had savored those a little more!

    i bet the carrot pulp + apple mix is delicious – i will definitely keep that in mind if i have any extras on hand. have a good night!

  3. I love trig! I hope you did well 🙂 (I was a math major; nerd, I know.)

    Hm… I love my prom dress. It was a strapless Vera Wang (dark grey/silver). So pretty. I still have it at my parents’ house. It was too big but it was the only one left so my mom did the alterations. I definitely had the best prom dress out of all my friends 😛

    1. your prom dress sounds gorgeous, i just love vera wang!

      i really admire your intelligence, your not a nerd at all! if i could i would love to major in math or biology or something.

  4. I love that dress on you – it goes well with your skin tone and hair color, added bonus. My favorite outfit is my skin. I love being naked. 🙂 And I always am naked underneath my clothes. :p

  5. Fierce was one of my son’s vocabulary words last week. He uses it all the time now. I’m sure he’d say your dress is “fierce.” I think it is really cute.

    I’ve used ELF cosmetics before, but I haven’t seen them in the store lately. Now that I know they have some mineral options, I’ll have to seek them out again. Thanks for the heads up.

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