Creating Balance

I was so tired today! Last night I had a band show two hours away and we won an award for the most creative band dance, and I got to accept it! I ended up getting home around  twelve, and that ment this morning I had a super bad case of the yawns. My orignal plan today was to hit up the gym after church, but instead I opted to have a little stay at home day which I needed.
Usually I work out six days a week for about 45 minutes alternating between strength training and cardio. However lately I have been relying heavily on cardio because of my crazy schedule. I honestly miss strength training, however I feel that it just takes up too much time. I wish there was a way I could find some kind of balence between the two. I’ve noticed though that however my right shin has been swollen lately, and I’m not too sure why. Have any of you experienced anything like this, and any suggestions on how I can find balance with my workouts?
Today I was able to finish up my seven page paper for english, I cleaned the kitchen and organized my fridge and did laundry. I also did some creative cooking in the kitchen so look forward to a new recipe coming this week!
Lot’s of tasty eating on my end.
get in my belly!

get in my belly!

A nice big ol’ bowl of deliciousness. I really do need to come up with a name for this crazy concoction. Any suggestions?
hugh jass salad

hugh jass salad

I’ve been getting my usual salad fix of course. In this guy I have…

  • spinach
  • lentils
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • green onion
  • sweet corn

One thing I have noticed lately though however is that ever since I have started to include some more cooked foods into my diet (ie. humus, baba ganoush, oats) I have noticed my enegry levels declining and I feel more sluggish. Normally I feel fine. Now though I am noticing a definite decrease in energy. Even now I am still eating 70-80% raw, but I am thinking about bumping it up again just to see if it really is the increase in cooked foods that has got me down. As of late I have been eating my weight in humus and baba ganoush (my favorite!), so I am looking forward to bumping up my already high intake of fruits and veggies to see if I notice a difference.

what is this?

what is this?

This my friends is a delicious pear. For years I thought that I hated pears, I just couldn’t stand them and they just icked me out. However the other day when I was at the grocer this guy was just calling my name so I bought him. Delish! I can’t believe I was missing out on all of this tasty-bam explosion. I suppose I just have to make up for lost time.
My senior year has been going pretty well so far, when I’m not busy with trig, work or blogging im working on my college applications. This is a really important year so I’m trying to get a jump on things. I also have an interview the second weekend in October for a fashion advisory board – ill keep you posted.
My goals for this week –
  • Find a way to balance my cardio and strength training
  • Try and get back to 90% raw, and notice the results
  • Stay on top of my college applications, make a calendar of deadlines
  • Finally get my room done!

How about you guys, any plans or goals that you have for this week?

Michal ♥


  1. mmm I love pears, they are one of my favorite fruits!

  2. wow it sounds like you have been busy this weekend for sure. this week i just have to finish writing my thesis for a paper im writing for philosophy class, and then im taking a couple of zumba classes. enjoy your week sweetie


  3. embellishboston · · Reply

    drink more green smoothies for energy! Most pears ick me out too lol. What kind of pear did you eat?

    1. I drink a green smoothie every morning for breakfast, im really thinking that its the extra cooked food (maybe the salt?) that has me down. I believe it was just a bartlett pear. I just ate one now actually 🙂

  4. Good luck with going 90% raw! I wish I could do that…but, my mother would probably flip and think I was depriving myself. Blehhhh. Haha. Do soaked oats count as raw? If you don’t cook them?

    1. Thanks Katie! Raw oat groats are considered to be raw and you usually soak them overnight to soften them up. Steel cut oats and rolled oats are considered not to be raw because they are cooked when they are processed. But the way I look at it is that its better to eat rolled oats soaked for a few hours than say something like a candy bar.

  5. Nice salad!! I have plans to go visit Pittsburgh this week!

    1. Yay pittsburgh! They have some awesome whole foods shops up there. I hope you enjoy your trip

  6. I love pears but they have to be very ripe when eaten.

    And I try and exercise for an hour a day, some times it’s all cardio and every 2nd/3rd day it’s half cardio/half pump. Plus you can do cardio like lunges (front, back, side) that are also strength training and do 1 minute cardio intervals between your strength training to keep your heart rate up.

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