Fall has arrived!

 happy first day of fall to you!
tonight at 5:18 it will officially be the start of the fall season.
I just love the fall. The leaves on the trees are gorgeous colors, and everywhere you go there is that awesome fall smell. The leaves are all crunchy, and with fall comes lot’s of fun new things to do. Football games, apple picking, Halloween, thanksgiving. Warm and cozy sweaters and lots of layers. Fall is one of my favorite season’s.
old picture but a tasty salad

old picture but a tasty salad

A picture of a salad that I had last week. On top is my homemade humus – using a recipe from one of my favorite vegan cookbooks Veganomicon. It turned out delicious, the picture doesn’t lie.
As you know since I am a senior in high school I have been looking at colleges for a while now. One of my main concerns is my diet and if it will be doable at the college campus’. What is your alma mater? Or do you know of any schools that are vegan friendly? Right now I am not sure of what exactly I want to major in, however I am currently thinking of broadcast journalism or nutrition/dietetics. I am very interested in both of the fields, especially nutrition. I think that it would be really great to be able to share my knowledge with others and get to help people make healthier choices. On the other hand being in broadcast journalism would be so fun! I would get to travel (hopefully) and report on serious groundbreaking issues. Whatever I do I know I want to be involved with people, and I want to make a difference.
like a goddess

like a goddess

More deliciousness! As usual I have been eating lots and lots of my new favorite dressing – Annie’s Naturals goddess dressing of course. I am sad to say though I have cleaned out my health food store, I’ve bought every bottle and they don’t know when they are going to get more in! What’s a girl to do? I don’t know. Let’s hope my stock holds up until they get more in.
chock full of chlorophyll

chock full of chlorophyll

 Another delicious green smoothie, as usual. I love how bright green and vibrant this one was. As I ate it with my breakfast I could just imagine the enzymes rushing to give my cells energy. You think that having a green smoothie every morning would make me sick of them. Well for this girl it looks like green smoothies are here for the long haul.

Michal ♥



  1. That green smoothie does look really good, i just love puttind kale in my smoothies. Do you put kale in yours? As for vegan friendly schools my school wasnt the most accomadating, but i studied nursing.

  2. I don’t really know you other than looking at your blog linked from gone raw every once in a while BUT i want to offer you my wisdom about choosing a major. I would go into journalism if i where you (i’m not you though 😉 ) this is because writing is a skill that can be used in everything so you can apply it wherever you want in life. it would open up opportunities for you. i feel that nutrition would narrow your opportunities. i have been very interested in diet for about a year but have found a growing interest in sustainable living. so what i’m trying to say is i think nutrition would narrow your options and having good writing skills is just soo very valuable. plus taking journalism classes would be many times more fun than nutrition classes (speaking from experience). your already doing a blog, which is journalism 🙂 either way i’m sure youll have a great time because you seem like a cheery intelligent young lady and it’s a pleasure to read your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Maggie for your advice, you know something you said really got me thinking. I didnt even realize that even now with my blogging I am doing a type of journalism and I do really enjoy it! Your also right by majoring in nutrition that would narrow down my field, but if I maybe double majored in english and journalism then I could have the best of both worlds and if I decided I could persue nutrition later.

      You have given me so much to think about! 🙂 Thanks again

  3. I can totally see you as being a journalist, but thats just MHO. Though you have to be careful because it is a very popular field, you might have trouble finding work. Just something to think about. Oh and I love annies goddess dressing too 🙂

  4. i was a journalism major, and i actually think it is great writing training. the reason why i chose journalism wasn’t to go into “journalism” – writing is the BEST skill you can have and bring to the table in any job. i hear people all the time that they do not have enough good writers – that has been a HUGE selling point in job searching. so i know everyone is telling you different, but i think its a great experience and teaches you lots of styles of writing too!

  5. I love your blog and find it highly inspirational.

    Random (maybe even dorky) question – but I am very new to this site (first time I heard of it was a google search and your blog came up). But can you “favorite” or watch blogs on here?


    That’s mine as I have nothing there yet, so no rush 🙂 I just have a bio.

    1. Of course Ill add you to my blogroll, and your on my google reader aswell. Your blog looks great by the way I cant wait till you get it all up and running 🙂

  6. Hey Michal,
    I tried to find an email address for you but couldn’t 😦
    Sorry to hear about your right knee pain. I haven’t heard of actual visible lumps before – I would definitely suggest getting it checked out if you have iced it/rested it and it still hasn’t gone away.
    The epsom salt baths have been easing the muscle soreness I feel so I would certainly recommend them but I feel pretty strongly that running and all the aches, pains and injuries that go along with it are very personal and individual. It’s a case of finding out what works for you. Certainly try and see a doctor though if your lump does not go away.
    Hope you feel better soon!! xx

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