Oh Happy Day!

A happy day indeed! Lot’s of exciting news happening, read on to find out more!
This past week I was treated to a very special dinner outing with a really close friend of mine named Pat. Where did we go? You should know by now – my all time favorite place the Flaming Ice Cube It was a perfect way to break up the school week, and to take a breather from the chaos that is my senior year.
Sweet Potato PB Bisque

Sweet Potato PB Bisque

Vegetable Barley Soup

Vegetable Barley Soup

As appetizers we both chose one of the soups that they had on special that day. Pat chose the sweet potato peanut butter bisque while I opted for the vegetable barley. Both were equally delicious but my hat goes off to the pb bisque – it was so creamy! Defiantly something I am interested in re-creating in the future!

october 016

For my dinner I chose to get the Spinach Salad with Organic Tofu & Dried Cranberries it had fresh spinach topped with grilled marinated tofu, dried cranberries, water chestnuts, and homemade green onion vinaigrette. Ive tried this salad once before here. Delicious as always, and this time they had even more tofu and cranberries so I was one happy camper.

Jenn's Cool Californian

Jenn's Cool Californian

My friend Pat chose to try out the Jenn’s Cool Californian sandwich, which I have to admit looked very tasty! Stuffed between two pieces of tasty cabatta bread was peppered tofurky, roasted red pepper slices, lettuce, tomato, red onion and guacamole. It came with a side of the day too which was a sweet potato salad, and a couple pickles. YUM!

october 021

We ended our meals with delicious acai berry pomegranate smoothies, I wish my camera could have captured how vivid and purple it was in color.

On a super happy note I got two letters of acceptance today!!! 🙂

One was from Westminster College in PA and the other was for the Fashion Advisory Board that I interviewed for last Wednesday. YAY!!

Michal ♥



  1. Congratulations and you have a very nice blog!

    1. Thank you Pam 🙂

  2. everything looks really good here, i wish i lived close enough to go to that resturant.

  3. Tina Howland · · Reply

    Im sorry to read that you were getting sick, are you feeling any better? And that PB soups looks to die for, you should definatly try to re-create that recipe.


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