Grease is the Word

Evening guys and gals!
As promised I wanted to do a re-cap of my school’s senior night which was this past friday.

senior night

The night started off quite nicely, it was cloudy and sprinkling but not too bad. It wasn’t freezing cold like it was last week thank goodness! At my school we have a tradition where all of the senior’s ring this huge bell whenever we get a touchdown. This bell has been a part of my school since the eighties and is what started huge rivalries between a few other local school’s because they would always try to steal our bell. They have yet to be successful mwahaha!


Every year the seniors in the band get to choreograph a show for senior night. We have had a bunch of crazy themes in the past, but this year we all agreed that we should do a Grease theme… so we did! My mom taped the performance, but unfortunately it will not upload. I have been messing around with it for the past hour or so and it is just not working. 😦 I really wanted to show you all the show. Any tips or suggestions for uploading videos are welcome!
Pink Ladies and the T-Birds

Pink Ladies and the T-Birds

By the end of the night it was raining buckets and we had winds of 30 mph. Not the best night to be wearing skirts, but it was a memorable night and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I was in the kitchen all day today getting things ready for this week. Im also working on two new recipes, so be on the look out for two tasty new concoctions this week!

Michal ♥

Does/Did your high school have any crazy traditions?


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