Farm Sanctuary

Happy veterans day to all of you veterans out there! Make sure that you go to Applebee’s or Perkins to get some free munchies.

Review time! A while ago I mentioned that I was reading Farm Sanctuary written by Gene Baur. I wanted to share my thoughts about this book and its author.


First of all I have to say that I really did enjoy this book, it was beautifully written and tells the story behind the creation of one of todays most prominent animal rights organizations – Farm Sanctuary – and it’s founder Gene Baur. The book is filled with stories of hope and compassion, as well as realistic pictures of what conditions on factory farms are like.

One quote that has resonated with me since I read it is this…

“We need to realize that not everything revolves around us…and recognize that we are part of our environment rather than apart from it, and if we aren’t careful. the consequences of our shortsighted, species centric actions would be catastrophic for many species, including our own?”

Wow. Just think about how true that statement really is. Our culture is generally a food centric one, and dependent heavily on animal products. Relationships are formed solely on the basis of food, and many only exist because of it. People treat food like a drug, eating and eating not knowing when to stop. Not only is this unhealthy relationship effecting our health (hello obesity!) , but it is effecting our planet. Any change whether adding more fruits and vegetables, or going vegetarian/vegan helps.

Gene Baur is really an amazing person, who has made it a priority in his life to help as many animals as he can. He uses this book to shed light on one of the many aspects of our culture that we try to hide. No one wants to think about where their meat actually comes from, but once you do you cannot ignore the inhumane conditions that many animals are forced to suffer through.

I would highly suggest picking up a copy of this book, it will get you thinking and ignite a spark within you to take action within the agribusiness industry. Wether or not your vegan or vegetarian, the well-being of animals is in everyone’s best interest. However, please know this post is not about an effort to convince you to take a vegetarian or vegan life path. It is intended to either remind or inform you of the sweet, gentle millions who are enduring extreme suffering even as you read this post with the hopes that you might be more aware when making your choices.

Of course I have to mention the Farm Sanctuary website, which is full of information aswell as stories about ambassador animals they have rescued and recipes.

Okay whew all done. Hope you enjoyed my review!

My agenda tonight is pretty simple, I have a zumba class and then I have trig homework and a project to work on. Ive got a big trig quiz this Friday YIKES! Oh and did I mention one of my favorite shows called ANTM is on 😉

Michal ♥


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  1. This looks like a great book. Thanks for sharing this because I’ve never heard of it and it’s totally up my alley. I’ve been reading tons of food books lately. 🙂

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