Just a case of bad luck…

Ive been a baaadd blogger, could it perhaps be that it is friday the 13th? 😉

This week has been fairly busy, but I still haven’t been up to date on my blogging. One is being that my computer is giving me issues with uploading pictures, and two I just felt like I needed a mini vacation. But it is the weekend and I am ready to get in a little rest and relaxation, and some well deserved blogging time!


A delicious glass of carrot-kale juice. A perfect energy boost to a lovely fall morning.


An energy boosting green smoothie topped with Cascadian Farm cinnamon raisin granola.

This week though has been really fun. I have had reunions with old friends, delicious lunches,  and got my pre-ordered movie tickets (New Moon here I come!). I have pictures of all of these things… on my camera. 😦 I have also come up with a couple new recipes and product which I am dying to share with you all.

On a final note if anyone knows anything about computers, and thinks they could lend me a hand or wouldnt mind helping me out please send me an email – michal.mymo@gmail.com

Lets hope I can get this figured out soon!

Michal ♥



  1. Hang in there with the busyness!

  2. Ha ha! Why are seniors so busy?? (Senioritis alreaday maybe?!)

    I have the same agenda as you! I just thought that was cool 😀

    I would lend you a hand if I know how to work the computer…:(

    Totally looking forward to your new recipes! X)

  3. Yikes, I just hate it when technology decides to give me attitude. 😉 Hope you get everything worked out!

    Mmm… love the sound of that smoothie. Isn’t topping them with cereal the best!?


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