Thanksgiving 2009

Happy black friday to you all!

I hope that your thanksgiving was filled with delicious food and special moments with your family. Honestly right now I dont know if I am energized or delirious. After we wrapped up dinner yesterday we started to put out our christmas decorations, and then I hit the sack early so I could be up early for shopping!

Originally I planned on making Portobello mushroom “steaks” but they turned out completely disgusting! 😦 I was so disappointed because they were really expensive and they ended up being inedible. Silly mistake on my part though… I didnt know that the mushrooms would retain water like cra-zay so the underneath was all icky and slimy while the top was dry. Ick. I ended up stuffing a mini pumpkin at the last-minute with a sweet carrot puree.

Overall though I was really happy with everything, my first major raw vegan holiday went over really well. My family was totally curious about my food and lifestyle, and they all enjoyed my cupcakes (I was told they were super delish!)

All thanksgiving recipes will be posted within the next few days!

Cauliflower Mash

 Oh so good! They were perfectly flavored and had just the right consistency. They tasted even better with some sweet corn mixed in.

Ani Phyos raw oatmeal raisin cookies

 These were so scrumptious – easily my favorite part of the meal.

Ginger cupcakes with pb pumpkin spice frosting

I was so proud of how these cupcakes turned out. This was the first time I ever made frosting from scratch before, and I really just threw it together because I was lacking all the ingredients to make any of the recipes that I found. Who knew that having an empty pantry could result in such a delicious dessert.

Thanksgiving 2009 Plate

I didn’t really photograph it well, but it was tasty just the same. A hugh jass marinated salad completed my meal.

Ive got a special post thanksgiving zumba class tonight at 5:30! After that my night will go something like this…

  • Shower
  • Tidy up
  • Catch up on blogging
  • Jam to christmas tunes (it’s officially okay now!)
  • Hang out with Earth Mama 🙂

You all know what I ate for thanksgiving, how about you? What did you eat?

Michal ♥



  1. Sorry about the mushrooms; but hey, everything else looks fabulous!! Happy belated Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. What a great raw vegan Thanksgiving! I am glad that your family was so curious and appreciated your diet. 🙂

    Okay, so I am extremely curious about becoming a mostly raw vegan and I know that you are basically a raw vegan, with some exceptions. I would really like to know how you do it and what you usually buy at the grocery. Maybe some tips and tricks? How did you become a raw vegan? Overnight? Today I am trying to eat mostly raw today (my Almond Breeze, Earth Balance Almond Butter, and Sabra Hummus were exceptions). It is actually going really well and I am feeling satisfied. What do you do about eating out? I would really really love to commit myself to this clean and conscious lifestyle. Being vegan is great and all, but I tend to lean toward too many processed products. I want to eat as close to the source as possible and obtain as many nutrients as I can. I watched a video on sprouting grains, seeds, and nuts today. Tomorrow I am going to Whole Foods, so I plan on stocking up on some raw vegan essentials. Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!! 🙂

    1. I would be happy to give you a few tips and bits of advice! Im honored that you asked me 🙂 Ill send you an email because most likely it will be super long haha

  3. Awesome Thanksgiving meal there! And congrats for surviving all the early work you had to do! Impressive!

    By the way, did you not get my email? In case you didn’t get it, I’m going to send you the stuff either tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday. Just a heads up! 😀

    1. I got it – I just responded sorry it took me so long! Its been crazy busy here (:

  4. Thanks Michal! I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

  5. Your thanksgiving meal looks so yummy. Vegan never looked so good. I need to put up my christmas tree.
    My favorite had to be all the pumpkin desserts. My mom made this whipped cream pumpkin type dessert which was a new twist on the traditional pumpkin pie.
    Hope the shopping wasn’t too crazy. It was a bit insane here in Vegas.

  6. […] was one of the recipes that I invented on thanksgiving after my portobellos didnt turn out as expected. It is one of my new favorite dishes, and I have […]

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