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Thank goodness friday is almost here. Ive been having a case of the blahs this week because of the rain, icky weather.

First off I wanted to say thank you to each and every single one of you who commented and congratulated me on my 100th post. 🙂 Im always overwhelmed with happiness when I think of all the amazing people I have met in the blogosphere.

This was one of the recipes that I invented on thanksgiving after my portobellos didnt turn out as expected. It is one of my new favorite dishes, and I have been enjoying it every morning for breakfast. Yum!  

Spiced Carrot Puree 

2-4 carrots, chopped (depending on size of carrots) 

1 packet stevia 

1 ripe banana 

1/4 cup raw nut milk, or soy milk of your choice 

dash pumpkin pie spice    


Place the carrots in your food processor and process until in small pieces. Add nut/soy milk, stevia, banana and pumpkin pie spice and process again until it becomes a creamy puree. You might have to scrape down the sides one or twice. This is so tasty that sometimes Ill eat it right out of the food processor. It’s a perfect sweet treat too for whenever you need a little pick me up. 


Huge jass salad

Delicious salad combo with sprouted chickpeas, green lentils, balsamic glazed carrots, pan-fried tofu and this…


My mom bought me this to try out. Usually I don’t go for products that are pre-packaged. However my mom was so thoughtful when she picked this up for me, so I had to try it. (My love for humus has nothing to do with it ;))

Fantastic World Foods is a vegetarian based company devoted to making healthy products, with an emphasis on natural foods. Many of their ingredients are organic and require minimal processing. They have something for everyone, with a range of products that includes everything from asian to mediterranean foods. Plus they are very affordable, and perfect for those on the go.  

“Creamy middle eastern garbanzo bean dip mix with tahini and seasoned with garlic, lemon and savory spices.”

Ingredients – Garbanzo flour, sesame tahini, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, spices, sea salt, lemon powder, citric acid, expeller pressed toasted sesame oil, lemon oil  

Kosher, gluten freen, wheat free, yeast free, organic., and 100% vegan. What more could you ask for in a product?

I have to say I really did enjoy this hummus. It was so easy to prepare, all you needed to do was add tahini and water and give it a good mix. I added less tahini than was called for, and it still turned out amazing! It had a wonderful flavor that wasn’t too heavy on the garlic. If you have a chance I would pick this up at your local grocery store and give it a taste test. You will not be sorry!

Ive also got some fantastic news! Remember how a month or so ago I went job shadowing for a local news station? Well today I scheduled my second job shadowing experience. Where am I going? You’ll have to wait and see But let’s just say that I am so excited that I did a little dance when I found out!

Gotta bounce – Ive got a big day ahead of me today,which includes work and studying for a Macbeth final. This upcoming test (which is on tomorrow!) is worth a whopping 25% of my overall grade. Good thing I like Shakespeare because Ive been hitting the books pretty hard these past couple days.  

Michal ♥ 

Question of the day – How do you spell hummus/humus/humos?  

I have seen it spelled so many different ways. Usually I spell it like “hummus”, but im curious to see how you spell it.  

Giveaways –

Katie is having a kick butt giveaway! Go check it out ASAP!

One Frugal Foodie is having a cookbook giveaway.



  1. Hey! I am going to try that carrot puree! It reminds me of carrot cake with the added nut milk, spices, and topping. I was just craving some good old carrot cake; what a perfect raw substitute! Thanks! 🙂

    Good luck with that Macbeth final! You are lucky that you like Shakespeare. I am not a fan, not really at all. I do have an appreciation for some more modern poets, especially Sylvia Plath (her poetry is so mysterious).

    I’ve never tried that hummus (I spell it that way too), but I do have the tofu scramble and falafel from Fantastic World Foods. I need to eat those up!

    Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Ah! Happy belated 100th! Woo hoo!

    Also – I do the hummus thing, but I’ve seen all sorts of variations.

    Field trips are an essential part of being a geology major. 🙂 (Sorry. Random reply from your lovely comment.)

    Good luck with Macbeth! I remember it being one of my favorites.

    1. You know I forgot to ask where exactly you were going on your field trip! Or maybe I knew and just forgot 🙂

  3. I’m belated in congratulating you, dear, but this is great! Happy 100th!

  4. I usually spell it hummus also. I will have to keep my eye out for that brand next time I go to the store. I am in love with hummus and love to put it on sandwiches or with veggies.

    Good luck with shadowing! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. Absolutely nothing better than hummus. I make my own all the time. Even though I like to stay high raw in my diet that is something I just must eat!

    1. I agree with you girl! Even though I feel best when im high raw, my obsession with chickpeas is just crazy. Its one that i dont feel too bad about though 🙂 Im still looking for that perfect recipe for making it at home. Ive made it a few times, but its turns out just bleh, never amazingly good..

      Do you have any suggestions?

  6. Your salad looks yum as usual!

    Oooh, so that’s what the hummus looks like! Does tahini come with it, or do you have to buy it separately? I shall try it out someday! 🙂

    Congrats about the job shadowing! (…um…what is job shadowing?) I can tell how excited you are!

    Good luck on your test tomorrow! X)

    1. You have to buy the tahini separately, but I got a huge jar for about five bucks at a local middle eastern food store. 🙂 Im also in the process of responding to your email! Ive got some exciting news to share. Plus im loving the idea of our Awesome Rawesome Challenge – yay!

      Oh and ive got some news about that guy Patrick I was talking to you about. Talk to you soon girl!

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