Mystery Revealed

I’ve been a baaaad blogger!

Homework + work work + Macbeth reenactment = blogging fail.

Things are winding down though, and christmas break is in less than a week so things will be getting back to normal. On to exciting news about the mystery package I received.

A little over a month ago I began talking to a really cool girl named Miho, and we became fast friends. We decided to do a little blogger swap and when I received her box I was shocked by how huge it was. Her package was amazing, and so much more than I expected.

Miho is a really talented artist – she drew me! In this picture im wearing my spiffy new shirt that will hopefully be coming in the mail soon.

Cute christmas ornament, which I hung front and center on the tree.

The best thing! This cute little chicky pillow which she sewed herself! Why yes he is wearing a Luigi hat 🙂

My other goodies included a magnet, dish towel, stickers and a cool bracelet! Thanks again Miho, and be sure to be checking your mail box, who knows you might find something there!

Remember my recipe for spiced carrot puree? Well the other day I was at the health food store and guess what I found – organic apple pie spice! So can you guess what I made?

Spiced Apple Carrot Puree

So easy and so yummy! Just throw in your carrots, soy/nut milk, banana and stevia in your food processor and let it become a a creamy puree. You might have to scrape down the sides a few times. Once smooth add a dash or two of apple pie spice, and viola! Spiced Apple-Carrot Puree. This is perfect for chilly winter evenings, or in the morning for breakfast!

This morning  I was able to do thirty minutes of hatha yoga and I feel incredible! I forget sometimes how practicing makes me feel.

Remember back when I said that I was going to start practicing more – at least three times a week? Well the gym is still winning out over yoga. Just practicing today made me realized how inflexible I have become since I’ve stopped practicing. One of my goals is to begin practicing more.

General relaxing today. I’ll be hitting up the gym later, then watching my favorite ginger with Earth Mama while we wrap christmas gifts. I’ve also got a final dress rehearsal for my groups reenactment of Macbeth today. We had to re-write a couple scenes with a new theme and we picked the roaring twenties. Macbeth no more, we’ve got Mac and Baby-Face Banquo. Did I mention that this is going to be on video tape? 😉

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How was your weekend?



  1. Haha, your Macbeth skit sounds really fun, and amusing. =P I just made a Spanish video with a couple of my classmates. We did a re-make of Romeo and Juliet called Romeo y Las Damas: Una Comedia Romantica. Romeo is pretty much a player. Ha

    Ohhh, that carrot apple puree looks really tasty! I will try it soon because I have some fresh carrots lurking in my fridge. 😉

    Update on my rawness: Today I ate mostly raw. Breakfast was oats (warm) in a jar of almost gone White Chocolate Wonderful pb. I HAD to use the last spoonful/bits of the pb, so oats in a jar it was. That filled me up for a LONG time. So for lunch I had a green smoothie! It was SO good. I will post about it soon. Snacks were minimal (I wasn’t very hungry today). Ezequiel with nut butter and jam. A small square of dark chocolate and a dried apricot. I hardly touched my dinner, which was some pita bread with Fantastic Foods Falafel on it. The falafel was too dry and I wasn’t craving cooked foods. It actually disgusted me! I picked around the falafel and pita and ate the tomatoes, cucumber, and spinach that I had on it.

    This just goes to show how much I like the taste of raw foods so much more than cooked foods. Also, today I drank almost a gallon of water! I want to flush my body free of these toxins. 🙂

    Sorry for this huge comment! I just had to let someone know how excited I am about my (mostly) raw day today. Haha

    Have a great week – this is the last one until break, thank goodness!

    1. Thats so funny you mentioned a spanish skit – were having to do one for spanish four soon only were doing harry potter haha.

      You are doing so well, go girl go! thanks for the heads up on the fantastic foods falafle – i just got some coupons in the mail and I was thinking of picking it up to review but not anymore.

      Soon your going to be a lean me detox machine haha. Oaties with pb is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. I make sure to enjoy a bowl everyone in a while. 🙂

      That one of the things I love about raw foods though, when I used to get cravings it would always be for donuts or greasy fattening foods and I would feel so guilty! But now if I have cravings I induldge (with moderation) and still look and feel on top of my game.

      Be sure to let me know how you like my carrot puree!

  2. Thanks for the awesome post! Ha! XD That totally made me happy!!!

    My weekend was kwl! Since my BF couldn’t come over (college apps – procrastination hurts!!), I got mee-stuff done! Clothes shopping, present wrapping, homework& studying for test, etc.

    Dude! I’ve been making Lara Bars for the past few day, and it’s totally awesome!!! (the link to the recipe is on my blog) It’s soooooooooooooooooo good and tastes like the/even better than the real thing! Wooohoooo!! That’s my rawness for the past few days! 😀

    Soo, shall we all compromise on the day to do our first ARC?? Katie says some time after New Years. What day shall it be girls? One of you can call it, because I’m good with any day! 😀 (Buuut I need to work on the banner. ha ha. I’ll finish it by the day though!)

    Good job posting, and you’re not a bad blogger, so don’t punch yourself down for not updating it!

    1. Yum on making homemade lara bars! They are super tasty and I bet your recipe is much cheaper than buying them in the store (all though I do love them so much!) Cant wait for the recipe.

      Cant wait for the ARC – im good with whenever you guys want to do it, im rearin to go 🙂 I wish we could all get together and chat all at once. Is there a way we could somehow do that?

  3. I have been wanting to do more yoga lately also. I have been feelling so stiff too and I know yoga would do the trick. I’m hoping I can try to add in a yoga class here and there.
    My weekend was pretty uneventful, but I did get a few things checked off my list.
    Thanks for the recipe! Looks good!

    1. For me I think its all mental. I have to get prepared to do yoga. And i know it is a great work out, but I never feel like I am working out. When I ‘”work out” i feel like I should be sweating or something. With yoga I feel like im just sort of streching around.

      Unless im not doing it correctly. Have you ever experienced this?

  4. Michal, that package is just So sweet and well-thought! OMG…what an artist! Love the stuff you sent you! I have a weakness for animation myself! 😉

    Oh MacBeth…I remember that very well…I didn’t have to re-enact it, thank god, but I did have to write a 10 page analytical paper on it. But I really did enjoy it! Nerd alert! >.<

  5. That drawing is awesome!

    Your play sounds awesome.. haha. I had to do one for Macbeth too last year.. sadly it was a fail as I became stressed and forgot my lines. :/ The play before that went well though, when we had to re-enact Henry V. I looked pretty snazzy for that. 8)

    And thanks! I’ve added you to my blogroll that I just started. Your blog is actually bookmarked in my “Favorite Blogs”. 😛

  6. Yes, I finally found your blog!!! I’ve been trying to hit the link when you comment but it goes to the wrong link 😦 Thank you for all your comments!!! I appreciate every one of them. I’ve been a baaaad blogger too! with school, work and not the holidays I’ve been running around like a crazy person lol mmm that spiced apple carrot puree looks yummy. Have a great holiday!!!

  7. What a wonderful surprise package…Miho is soooo talented!

    Your Spiced Apple Carrot Puree looks so sweet and delish, thanks for posting the recipe!

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