Ringing in the new year.

Hellooooo 2010!

I can’t believe that 2010 has finally arrived, it seems like I have been waiting for it to arrive for ages. This year is going to bring so many new and exciting changes. I’ll be graduating, starting college, planning my future. So much of it is still unknown and that is so exciting… yet scary at the same time!

 A couple of my new years goals… 

  • practice more yoga – at least twice a week
  • get more inventive and creative with my recipes (sometimes i just eat the same things out of habit)
  • take one mini risk each week
  • read more literature

 Now some of my best things from 2009… 

My Best Song    

Lady Gaga is so wonderfully weird. I love her crazy sense of style and her boldness to challenge the stereotypical hollywood beliefs.

My Best Fashion Staple    


I love cardigans layered over anything. You can make them dressy or casual and are always appropriate.

 My Best Read     


The book that started it all. Without it I don’t know if I ever would have had that final push which encouraged me to go vegan. It was the best decision that I ever made.   

My Best Meal    

Mediterranean Panini from the FIC

Ahh the Flaming Ice Cube. my new favorite vegan restaurant. I’m so lucky to have this place near by that makes delicious and affordable vegan food. If I could I would send each one of you a panini… it just might change your life 😉 

My Best Creation    

Chia Pudding

Hmm this was a tough one! Between my SP&NB soup and my Spiced Carrot Puree I couldn’t decide. But in the end my Maple-Chia-AB pudding won. I love this stuff!    

 My Best Food Find    

Larabars. Enough said.

Larabars. Hands down the most tasty and delicious snack around. And since they are made of only good for you ingredients its like eating a super healthy candy bar!    

My Best Discovery   


Before I went vegan I was so unsure of myself, and I never believed in myself. Now I know I can do whatever I set my mind to and have the confidence to speak my mind. I know that just by living my life day-to-day I am making a difference – and that makes me smile. 🙂

 My Best Decision    

Blogging has given me so much. Not only have I made new incredible friends, but I am always astounded by the news things I learn daily from each and every one of you. I am so grateful to be part of such a great community of people.  

Happy new year everyone! 

 Michal ♥ 

Question of the day – What are some of your new years goals?



  1. sagojyou · · Reply

    Happy New Years! It’s not 2010 over here though (yet) 🙂

    My goals are:
    1.) Start working on my manga
    2.) Go completely complaint free
    3.) Go leafletting more often and help people raise awareness of animal cruelty
    4.) Work out/EXERCISE!!! (<-THAT is something I need to work on)
    5.) Get the Vegan sweater from peta2
    6.) Stay healthy and go raw as I can!

    Totally going to do it, and I'm really honored to meet you! Keep up your raw veganess good work and keep going forward! We have the power to do ANYTHING, and WE are going to be, THE CHANGE!!

  2. 2010 is going to be amazing!

    My goals:

    1.) Learn to love myself inside and out.
    2.) Exercise daily
    3.) Continue to eat high raw as much as possible
    4.) Read an abundance of books
    5.) Do something for myself that makes me feel special/beautiful/unique
    6.) Stay organized/manage time
    7.) Keep a happy and healthy, loving relationship with Brad

  3. Hi!

    I agree, blogging has brought sooo much to me!

    My goals:

    1) Be happy
    2) Discover new foods
    3) Make new friends in the blogging world
    4) Spending money intelligently
    5) Not be so influencable
    6) Say no when I don’t agree

    That’s about it!

    Happy 2010!

  4. Happy new year! Those are excellent goals, definitely something I’m sure you’ll accomplish.

    My resolutions are simple:
    1. Eat more greens and veggies (I’ve been heavier on the fruit lately).
    2. Reorganize the house after Christmas (the presents have kind of exploded in the house).
    3. Try to improve my sleep now that little lady is snoozing longer at night.
    4. Teach Hayden to drink breastmilk from a sippy cup, since she won’t take a bottle (for those times when I’m not around).

    By the way, I nominated you for the Happy 101 award. Check out my post today 🙂

  5. I love Lady Gaga too, she’s insane! Awesomely insane.

    Your list of bests is really great.. I love blogging too. Then again, I guess anyone who blogs must love it, at least a little. 😀

    Some of my new years goals are:

    1) Read more!
    2) Run a half marathon. 😮
    3) Create a scrapbook

  6. This is such a great post! I LOVE Lady Gaga!

  7. […] January 2, 2010 · Filed under Recipes, Reviews, Vegan &#183 Tagged Breakfast, Raw, Recipes, Review I loved reading all about everyone’s new years goals. […]


    One goal i didn’t post about is:

    I would really like to just give 100% towards my dreams and just take that really huge risk that most people don’t take in their lives. It’s scary, but I am going to do it this year!! Finally!

  9. […] this weekend I did make some time for myself. I have done well in working on my new years goals., and over throughout the course of the weekend I did yoga three times using videos from Yoga […]

  10. […] and biking more, and spending less time on the elliptical. I’ve also been working on my new years goal of practicing yoga at least three times a week. It’s all about trying to find a balance […]

  11. […] so its like a mini winter break. Score! I’ve been keeping myself busy though, working on my new years goal of reading more literature. If you took any new years goals, how are they […]

  12. […] to say that I am pretty pooped. But I did take my mini risk this week so im still doing well on my new years goals. How are you doing with you new years goals if you took […]

  13. […] believe that its march already? It seems like just yesterday it was new years and I was setting my new years goals. Three months later I am still making progress. I am continuing to read […]

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