The Forgotten Post

Happy Monday… or not!

I don’t know about you guys but im super stressed out. I have finals all this week  am im getting so anxious and nervous and I don’t know what to study for first. In addition to all of my final exams, I have to work and have after school activities. Oh and the weather stinks. 😦

However this weekend I did make some time for myself. I have done well in working on my new years goals., and over throughout the course of the weekend I did yoga three times using videos from Yoga Download. It felt so nice to practice again! As you all know last weekend I had my first day at my new job! I had so much fun and the hours just flew by. Everyone there was really nice and welcoming, and I learned a lot. I was supposed to be getting trained, but we ended up having a birthday party of sixteen come in so I ended up just learing as I went along. I am training the rest of this week and then I should be all good to go. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have gotten this job! One thing I learned right away at the FIC is that sampling is a must! I must have tried two or three different smoothies and tested out a new ranch dressing they are beginning to make – delicious!

Anyway I noticed this post saved in my drafts and I realized that I had forgotten it! All of the things pictured are from over christmas break when my mom and I went out to lunch at the FIC. So without further ado I give you the forgotten post…

My mom and I ordered drinks when we got inside.

I ordered a steaming cup of tea while my mom ordered a chocolate caramel froffee – which is similar to a frappachino at starbucks sixbucks.

Chocolate Caramel Froffee

Red Chai Tea

 For our main courses we both chose our tried and true favorites.

 Earth Mama had a burger with soy cheddar and I had the hummus wrap.

Vegan Burger with Soy Cheddar

Hummus Wrap

 Along with our meal my mom and I split a bowl of the black bean chili which happened to be on special.

Black Bean Chili

 We were both so stuffed after our sandwiches so we decided to grab a couple of blueberry muffins to bring home with us.

Blueberry Muffins

On a happy note I got my senior research paper back which I wrote on Factory Farming and animal testing. I got a ninety-eight percent and I managed to sway my teachers opinion on the paper! She said in result of my paper she and her husband will begin to eat less red meat. Woo! Everyone’s got to start somewhere right?

Posts this week might be a little crazy because school and finals come first. Unfortunately this means that my google reader is getting backed up too! I’m looking forward to getting all caught up!

Gotta bounce I’ve got a zumba class in half an hour and then a double date with Mr. Spanish IV and Mr. Honors English – arent I a lucky girl? 😉

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How do you find balance when you’re stressed?



  1. Good luck with your studies, girl! I am sure you will rock those finals with what your senior research paper grade looked like. 🙂 Very creative topic, by the way. I am actually wanting to write a research paper just for that reason – to write a paper about our nation’s bad diet and the risks of eating so many animal products. WANTING to write a RESEARCH PAPER? Weird, I know. =P

    I am jealous of your job! You are going to be learning so many great cooking skills. You will become really talented in the kitchen. Not that you already are, you will just become even better. Are you going to quit your other job? Taking on 2 jobs sounds like a lot of work on top of your studies and activities. Gosh, I sound like a mom. Haha!

  2. Bliss Doubt · · Reply

    I love reading about your paper on factory farming. Wonderful. Who will teach the teachers, if not those who know and care?

  3. You wrote a paper on factory farming? How interesting! What sources did you use? I’m very interested in learning more about agricultural practices. Very cool that you did this!

  4. Yay to your first day! That’s so great that it went well. And sampling? Lucky woman.
    Haha. I love seeing all the food from the FIC.

    Relax Michal! Take lots of deep breathes and clear your mind. Maybe a short bout of exercise? Those sometimes help me de-stress. Maybe try rearranging things in your day so that you get some extra sleep? Everyone thinks and handles things better when they’re well rested. 🙂

  5. Ooh, yum yum! Those muffins look really good 🙂

    You have finals this week?! Good luck! Ours start next week, and on MLK Jr. Day, we have an optional review session from 10 to 11:30 for calculus! Woooo!

    It sounds like snow is still wild over there! Oh joy, or are you tired of it?

    Hmm…how would I balance stress? I’ll draw, listen to music really loudly, and do homework. (I know, that’s weird, but I do) 🙂

    Hope you survive this week!

  6. Good luck with finals and the new job!
    The food look amazing! I wish I could try it!

  7. congrats on that paper! Yay!

    You’re a great example and have a knack for touching lives.

  8. sagojyou · · Reply

    Whoa! You’re new haircut + highlights + new shirt looks awesome! Very cute! X3

  9. Yoga, yoga, yoga! Well, that’s what I WISH I could always be doing when I’m stressed… usually I just have to take deep breaths or veg out in front of the telly 🙂

  10. […] January 15, 2010 · Filed under Food, Recipes, Reviews, Vegan &#183 Tagged Recipes, Review, Vegan, Vegan Thursday Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and tip for finals week! […]

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