Feelin Funky…

 Happy Vegan Thursday! 🙂

For round three of Vegan Thursday I decided to make a recipe that I bookmarked a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on Vegnews.com. You can find the original recipe here, it was part of their Go Veg guide for 2010. Good ol’ baked macaroni and cheese with an ezekiel bread crumb topping. It was so simple and both my mom and I really enjoyed it.

It was different though than regular macaroni and cheese, it was tasty but not what we were expecting. The only thing that we found really added to the “cheesy” flavor was the 1/4 cup of cashews. So if you’re looking for a recipe that mimics your old favorite Kraft, your out of luck. But if you’re looking for a delicious and healthy alternative this is it!

I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive. Old man winter has brought dump trucks of snow so im back to wearing my layers. I’m glad I got such a positive response on my last post to the movie Julie and Julia. Seriously if you havent seen that movie go watch it! I’ve got so many great ideas to try if I decide to pursue my cookbook challenge.

I am feeling just glorious right now. After not working out for the past two days and eating massive amounts of delicious foods (thank you FIC!) I was feeling super sluggish. I just got home from the gym and feel so much better. Has anyone else noticed that their body gets really funky feeling if they have been inactive for a couple days? I’ve been thinking more and more lately about switching up my workout routine. These days I have been running and biking more, and spending less time on the elliptical. I’ve also been working on my new years goal of practicing yoga at least three times a week. It’s all about trying to find a balance within your body, and lately I have been trying to listen to my body more and rely on my intuition.

In the days to come…

  • product reviews
  • tasty eats
  • FIC menu pics (you will want to see these!)

Id better be getting back to scholarship essays, deadlines are coming up fast and I want to make sure i get all of my essays done. Ahh I cant wait until I don’t have to worry about scholarships any more. This whole college thing is still really stressing me out! 😦

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Whats your favorite was to excercise your body?




  1. girl i FEEL you on feeling funky after vegging for a few days. My New Years goal was to consistently work out three times per week, which for now is Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. It’s a long period of inactivity from Saturday morning to Tuesday evening!!

    Side note: I LOVE Ezekiel bread!!

    My workouts have been cardio fests lately: elliptical warm up for 30 minutes, bike for 20 minutes, another machine for 20 minutes, Stiarmaster for 15 minutes, a few laps on the track. Sometimes I do free weights, mostly for my arms, but not many sets!

    It just feels so good to use our muscles, especially in the winter. Regularity is key for me. My mental state is so much better because of it too!

  2. Yes, you’re the only one who can really feel and understand your body, so listen to it and don’t let others’ advice become the priority!

    Your mac and cheese looks sooo Delicious! Not that I’ve tried it yet, but maybe if you added some nutritional yeast to it, it would add the cheesy flavor you’re looking for.

    My favorite exercise? Stepmania/ DDR! 😀 It’s so much fun! I once had a Cobalt Flux, the best home dance pad out there (with a 300$ price tag!) but it was Totally worth it. I sold it when I moved out, so I’m Really missing it now while I’m living in the middle of nowhere for the winter…

  3. Totally know what you mean! (But in my case, it’s more like if I eat too much/unhealthy stuff, I feel baaaaaaaaaad, because I’m not an exerciser) That’s going to be when tennis season starts, though! 😀

    Those mac ‘n’ cheese look yummers! And college stress is going to be over by the time you know it, so don’t worry!

    Hm, my favorite exercise is DDR, walk, swim, and tennis. 🙂 Anything easy and fun is a win for me! X)

  4. I can’t wait for those FIC pictures! 🙂
    Ughh, girl, scholarships are kicking my butt, too. Hang in there and it will all be over soon – college here we come!

  5. Eh, definitely know that feeling that comes with lack of exercise and I too, DO NOT like it. The days seem a whole lot brighter after a good exercise session. 🙂 My favorite way to exercise is RUNNING! Love, love, love it.

    Looking forward to those menu pictures. 😀

  6. Mac n Cheese is so comforting. I make a raw one with pieces of zucchini cut like elbow noodles. The Raw Chef has a yummy cauliflower creation that I first thought used cashews as the noodles. I also like a cooked version with pureed butternut squash as the “cheese” sauce.

  7. Hi!!

    I know the funky feeling! I feel like my muscles are all…’sqeezed’, ya know?

    My fav way to exercise is to feel like I’m not exercising: aka cheerleading :p

    I never saw nuts in a mac and cheese recipe! how original!


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