Rawr Snowmageddon!

Oh Phil I am so mad at you right now.

Were in the middle of the worst snow storm ever and I had to get up this morning and dig under a foot of snow to get to my car so I could get to work. It  took me an over an hour to get to there and when I did no one showed up and I waited for two hours! I was not a happy camper! I didn’t end up working today, but on the bright side I went to a new grocery store and I came out with a bunch of new goodies!

I was in paradise they had an amazing selection and products that I havent been able to find before! I spent over an hour in there and came home with a bunch of bags.

The best finds are pictured here. I found Stoney Field  soy yogurt in chocolate, angel hair tofu shirataki noodles, three flavors of pure bars, organic crunchy peanut putter, a carob coconut (I know!) energy bar and an amy’s black bean burrito. Oh and did I mention that most of it was on sale 😉

I got a couple of emails asking what kind of figs I used on my carrot spice purée from thursday. I bought these at my local health food store they are so delicious and sweet.

Speaking of my carrot spice puree I got a few awesome suggestions on a new name for it…

  • Carrot-gasm in a bowl
  • Hottie Carrot Shmoo
  • Tasty Carrot Smash

Cute suggestions! 🙂

Im just relaxing tonight, ive already gone to the gym today and did a little zumba. On my agenda is more scholarship writing and watching the Notebook finally! I think I am the only girl in the world who hasnt seen it yet.

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Snowstorms do you love em or hate em?



  1. I love figs!! Figs & carrots sound awesome together, you’re a genious!
    I love snowstorms for the snowdays, but hate to drive in them!! My truck really stincks in the snow.

    What scholarships are you applying for right now? I feel so discouraged- I applied to 5 so far and haven’t heard back from any. 😦 I don’t know what’s wrong with my reume- everything is pretty solid!

  2. Aha nah I haven’t watched the notebook either! lol
    Snow storms are only good when the buses are cancelled 🙂 But also bad because I have to go out to the barn and freeze feeding the animals 😀

  3. Where do you live? I’m in Hanover, PA and we have over 2 feet of snow! I commute 1.5 hrs to work and yesterday liberal leave was active so I took advantage of that. We’ve been stuck in the house since friday night.. don’t know when we’ll get out or when I’ll get back to work and whenever I do get back we’ll be swamped with a ton of work! Crazy! Luckily, we still have power and everything. I don’t mind the snow and like having off work but being stuck inside the whole time is getting old!

  4. Never had a snowstorm soooo.. I would love one. =D

    I think Carrot-gasm in a Bowl is a pretty fitting name for your carrot spice puree. Seriously, I find that awesome.

    That new store looks superb. I’m jealous. 😉

  5. Hey!
    I just came across your blog and I love reading it!
    I would love it if you could check out mine and follow 🙂

  6. OMG!! Crazy snowstorm there! :O I’m honestly glad I’m not in Ohio!! I’m sorry for you waiting for two hours! But on the bright side, you got all those shoppings! 😀

    Oh man! Good job on getting those PURE bars! Aren’t they awesome?! (Seems like you went to Safeway?) I should go check some out then. 😀 Because Trader Joe’s only have chocolate and cherry ones. I’m so jealous of you! How much was your grand-total?

    Ha ha, I’ve never seen the Notebook before, so you’re not alone in that sense!

    I haaaaaaaaaate snowstorms, no questions asked. You can’t leave the friggen house!!! :O

    P.S: Have you tried Dr. Lucy’s cookies (vegan!!!) that are available at Starbucks? (http://www.drlucys.com/) They are soooooooooo good! XD You should try them the next time you’re at Starcks 😀

    P.S.S: Does your Cupcake cookbook have any raw cupcake recipes?? (Or any recipe(s) that I can possibly make with a microwave??) Then please share! I really need one REAAAALLLLLYYY badly!!

  7. Ohhh I love going to new grocery stores! I always get really excited over finding new things 🙂

    I don’t mind snowstorms as long as I don’t have to go outside in them… I think they’re really pretty, but too much of a hassle to try and work with.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  8. Loooove grocery shopping 😀 and love all your choices! I tried your older version of the carrot puree once as a snack– yum! Only wish I had a blender so mine would’ve turned out smoother; my miniature food processor just ain’t cuttin’ it. >O

  9. I have been wanting to try soy yogurt!

    Sorry you are stuck in the snowstorm. I don’t mind them if I don’t have travel plans. But I always seem to when they hit 😉

  10. Great grocery finds! I am going shopping tomorrow to restock the kitch. Can’t wait! 🙂
    The Notebook is fabulous. You will love it.

  11. balancejoyanddelicias · · Reply

    I kind of like it when i don’t have to go out and have plenty of food at home. 🙂

  12. Ugh– HATE THEM!!! Right now, anyway– I’m trying to get home to PA from Louisiana, and the snowstorm is NOT going to let that happen 😉

  13. hope your staying nice and warm!! that is SO much snow.

    oh man – I am obsessed with the brownie pure bar – taste even better than the real thing to me!

  14. Ahhh you guys are getting SLAMMED with snow! I didn’t mind snowstorms in Chicago when there were plows, salt, and my parents cleaning off the walks. In Tulsa, however, there’s no plows or salt and the snow just sits around prompting accidents — it’s horrible, and scary! I want a snowstorm on Christmas, but just in the morning enough to just make it white. Otherwise, snow can be gone!

  15. All of this snow is causing some major problems. I desperately need to go grocery shopping but that is definitely not happening anytime soon. I had my fingers crossed that work would be closed today since it was yesterday, but I don’t think that’s happening anymore. Try to get out there and enjoy the snow a little bit. My street has more forts on it than houses after yesterday!

  16. Luckily, we don’t get any snowstorms in Vegas. Sometimes it would be nice to get a bit of snow though.
    I love all your goodies..and on sale! That is great. I just bought some PURE bars, I can’t wait to try them out.

  17. girl great grocery loop! STAY WARM!

  18. […] getting another foot of snow tonight. At least I’m all stocked up with goodies from my latest grocery store excursion. I was happy to learn that I wasnt the only girl in the world who hadnt seen The Notebook. I […]

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