So how about that date?

What a glorious morning!

I’m sitting at home all cozy in my robe and slippers enjoying my second snow day in a row! This is really rare because my school never calls off so I am definitely enjoying myself. I also have a four-day weekend so its like a mini winter break. Score! I’ve been keeping myself busy though, working on my new years goal of reading more literature. If you took any new years goals, how are they going?

I really enjoyed hearing all about your thoughts on Valentines Day on my last post. Ever since I was little I have always loved Valentines Day. Sure it is overly commercialized, and paying $100 for a bouquet of roses is insane, but there is something so romantic about the day. It’s a day devoted to love, and lovers and all things red and pink and chocolate. In my house my mom and I celebrate by exchanging small gifts and just hanging out (which isn’t really that much different from any other day, except the gift part! :)). As a single lady I still enjoy valentines day because it shouldnt be about whether you have a man, it should be about loving yourself and those special people around you.

In honor of valentines day (and round five of vegan thursday!) I present to you a totally cheesy but friggin delicious raw-vegan cookie recipe…


Take Me on a “Date” Cookies

1/4 cup cashews

1/2 cup pitted dates

1/2 teaspoon agave

2 tbsp dried cranberries

8 drops vanilla crème stevia (optional)*


Place cashews in your food processor and process until small pieces. Chop your dates and all them processing until mixture is formed. Add your agave, cranberries and your liquid stevia and process again. It should have a sticky consistency. Roll out your dough on a cutting board and form into little balls, or cut with a cookie cutter.

*The liquid stevia is optional because it is a little expensive, you can always substitute with another 2 teaspoons of agave and 1/8 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The vanilla crème stevia though makes it PHEENOMINAL!

The secret ingredient...

You might have noticed that stevia is my preferred choice as far as sweeteners go. Stevia is all-natural herb that originates from africa which has zero calories and has a zero glycemic index. It’s great for replacing white refined sugar, and icky artificial sweeteners. Any other questions you have about stevia can be answered here. Do you use stevia?

This was my first experience using liquid stevia which I picked up the other day. Sweet Leaf liquid stevia also comes in many flavors like chocolate raspberry, root beer and orange. Yum!

Today is going to be a very low-key day. Ive gotten all caught up on Secret Life of an American Teenager (can anyone believe Amy and Ricky kissed!?), and am about bundle up and see if I can get out of my drive way so I can go to the gym and pick up a few essential ingredients for some up incoming recipes. 😉

Keep your eyes opened, I am going to be hosting my very first giveaway soon in honor of my one year vegan anniversary which is Tuesday February 16th!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your preferred sweetener?



  1. I’m one of those scaredy cats that won’t use stevia unless it appears in diet sodas (zevia!). there’s nothing “real” sugar can’t do. your treats look delicious, Michal!

  2. My new year’s goals are doing okay, I shall say. But I forgot most of them, so I don’t know if I’m doing good or not! 😀

    The “date” cookies look extremely similar to your raw oatmeal raisin cookies (and my lara bars!)

    I don’t use stevia (i’ve never really heard about it around here), but for sweetners, I prefer maple syrup, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. (does sugar count as a sweetner??)

    I hope you can get out of the house, and today we started our mid-winter break! 😀

  3. My mother prefers stevia. I haven’t tried it but my sister says it has a metal after taste to it. I like sugar but in moderation. Happy valentine’s Day to you.

  4. What beautiful cookies! Thanks for sharing:)

    I have never tried stevia, but you make it sound so yummy! I like to use dates in most of my recipes, but I also like agave and maple syrup:)

    Enjoy your mini break!!!

  5. I agree with you that Valentine’s day is very sweet, even if it is commercially run now. I believe in celebrating love and life every day, though, so I guess it is just another day for me this year.
    I absolutely love your recipe for the cookies. I’ve been looking for the right Larabar-esque cookie recipe for ages now and I think I finally found it thanks to you! I see the perfect way to celebrate V-Day now :D!
    Congratulations on you almost veganversary! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It’s so nice to be able to share a love of veganism through blogging and uniting with other bloggers who have the same interests.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. Never even heard of stevia :O lol! Happy veganversary! that must be exciting! and your treats look so good 😀 mums going out of town next week (hopefully!) im definitely baking up a storm! lol Though i dont have a food processor… im tempted to try a blender lmfao. HAHA! were supposed to be getting snow coming in soon… hopefully? kinda hoping for a snow day here lol its all melting! which is kind of a good thing i suppose 🙂

  7. Those date, heart cookies are absolutely precious! I love the smiley face. A great way to get ready for Valentines. I’m with you on celebrating it. It’s about LOVE in general, not necessarily about BEING in love. At least that’s how I like to interpret it. I think way too many see it the wrong way.

  8. Yes, its commercial BUT I love Valentines Day.. its a day to simply express love to your friends and family. My hub and I never do anything crazy.. just dinner, but I enjoy it 🙂

    Your little heart cookies are adorable.. they sounds delicious.. thanks for the recipe!! 🙂

  9. I love, love, love dates! They’re so delicious just by themselves or smeared with nut butter – but they’re even better as an ingredient to sweet desserts!

    Great job on the Valentine cookies! 😀


  10. Yummm, those cookies look so good! I will have to make some soon. They are made of such simple ingredients. 🙂 I want to buy Stevia so bad, but it’s just too dang expensive! I was debating whether to buy it about 30 minutes ago, actually, when I was in Kroger. Sadly, it’s just not in my budget right now. I didn’t even get pure vanilla extract because I thought it was pricey. Maybe during my next grocery trip I will get some Stevia. I need to get some pure maple syrup too!

  11. happy one year veganversary!!!!!! think of how many animals you’ve saved. yippee!

    i need to get my hands on some of the stevia extract stuff.

    I don’t know if you’ll be single long with those mad kitchen skills!

  12. those heart cookies!! ahh can I have one 🙂 they look so good!! perfect for v-day too!!

    I do have the nunaturals stevia and I love it! at first though I didnt realize how strong it was and I mixed it in some greek yog, I took a bite and I had to throw it out! that stuff is POTENT! a little goes a LONG way !

  13. I don’t really have a preferred sweetener. I usually use Splenda, because that’s the most available stuff out there.

    In Asia, Valentines’ is mostly for couples, so I never really celebrated it before.

  14. Awww what adorable looking cookies! I recently made some similar ones, but with dried cherries instead of the cranberries… and I didn’t think to add any stevia. I have that same flavor of stevia though and I really enjoy it. That being said, I tend to use it sparingly as I find my stomach gets upset if my stevia intake gets too high. I prefer honey or maple syrup to make things sweeter 🙂

  15. I just bought that vanilla creme liquid stevia today!!! I think that’s a sign that I need to make these cookies 🙂

  16. oh man those “dates” look GREAT! thats my kind of date right thur!

  17. There is an English Toffee flavor of that sweet leaf sweetener which is fantastic too!

  18. Congrats on going a full year as a vegan! As a fellow avoider of dairy, eggs, and meat, I know that this is no easy feat.

    Enjoy your super long weekend!

  19. I LOVE This post!!!
    Ok the cookies look awesome, a spinoff on Ani’s but as we discusssed, you just throw it in the blender and hope for the best 🙂 And best it was!
    The cranb’s would be awesome in there.

    I have that EXACT stevia. They also make a choco one, and a butter toffee. Both of those are awesome too. If you ever want to really take your stevia to new levels, Nu NAturals makes a vanilla liquid. if you order from and use my code AVE630 you get 5 bucks off your order. Makes it cheap 🙂 I love that stuff.

    Congrats on your milestone of 1 yr too!!

  20. I am seriously impressed with your upcoming anniversary! Congratulations girl!! I think that is a wonderful testament to how much you LOVE your body and what you put in it!! And what more perfect time of year to celebrate? Happy V-Day to my fellow single girl! 🙂

  21. What a cute idea for a cookie. 🙂 I love the photo of your site banner btw.

  22. Mmmmm! Delicious!

    I love Valentines Day too. Growing up my Mom always wrote us little heart shaped Valentines and stuck them in our drawers before we woke up and my grandpa always sent us pretty cards.

  23. I love your cookies!

    I hate artificial sweeteners, and was really hesitant about even using stevia because I figured if I want something sweet, why don’t I just use sugar or agave? But now I love it! I use NuNaturals white powder.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  24. Happy early Veganversary! =D You are so sweet ^^. I’m curious about what kind of giveaway you’ll have. I’m thinking of having one of my own as well!

    I’ve tried powder stevia before and enjoyed the flavor, I didn’t find it had a bitter aftertaste, but what bothers me is that lots of stevia products have other ingredients in them like maltodextrin and natural flavors – Come on, isn’t stevia supposed to be super sweet already? It’s like “rye bread” having wheat flour as the first ingredient… If I am to use stevia again, it’ll be the real green powdered deal. Maybe I should just make my own…

    Am I the only crazy one here that doesn’t use syrups and artifical sweeteners to sweeten snacks, meals and baked goods? I honestly haven’t come across anyone who cooks like me…

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  29. Those cookies look better than regular, boring chocolate-chip cookies made with yucky ingredients…I would SO prefer to get fat on healthy food.
    Doesn’t it just taste so much better?

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