I really “wuv” you!

Happy Valentines day!

I hope you are all enjoying your special day. This morning I was in the mood for baking, using the new cake pans that Earth Mama bought me which are shaped like ladybugs, butterflies and bumblebees. I decided to make “love bugs”. Arent they cute?! Chocolate cakes, with a pink buttercream frosting I made using this recipe. The only addition I made was I added more powdered sugar to give the frosting a  thicker consistency.

Actually this is the only cute one. I’m still new to icing and frosting cakes so my first six couple attempts were absolute disasters. But this little guy turned out really cute. 🙂 What are your best cake frosting or decorating tips?

I made chocolate covered strawberries today at work and they were so decadent! Perfect for valentine’s day.

And if your still looking for a little valentines day dessert how about my “Take Me on a Date Cookies”? They will be perfect for your sweetie. 🙂

Keeping in the theme of valentines day, I sampled one of Suncake’s Heart Thrive vegan energy bars. I chose to try the poppy seed flavor this time and it was really yummy! With only a handful of ingredients including…

 oats, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, soy protein concentrate, dried plums, dried apples, poppy seeds, natural fruit juice, orange peel and lemon extract.

It was a perfect re-fueling snack for after my workout. One of the things I really like about this flavor is that the lemon flavor is not too overpowering, and the poppy seeds are able to show their true flavor.

I would definitely eat this flavor again!

I wanted to thank everyone for sharing your best tips and  tricks for working your abs on my last post. It seems like many of you agree with me when I say that the “ab zone” seems to be one of the hardest ones to define. I’m thinking of starting up a little challenge, and doing the whole sh-bang. Taking before and after pictures and testing new methods and moves each week. Anyone up for a challenge?

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How did you spend your valentines day?

The queen of banana softserve is having an awesome giveaway!

Kate is having a choco-licious giveaway.


  1. Those lady bug cupcakes are so cute ❤ I haven't had chocolate covered strawberries in literally YEARS! Those looked to die for lol. I love the sound of this challenge!!
    Today… I caught up on some work. I'm in writers craft this year – it's an online course… and they JUST e-mailed me Friday night.. Opened it Saturday… So I'm 2 weeks behind lol so I have to catch up! I got alot done today I was proud! And then I went for a walk in the woods 🙂 Snows melting and it was beautiful out! Refreshing!

  2. Your love bugs are too cute! I like to make my frosting really liquidy and dip my cookies in them so I don’t have to put the frosting on with a knife. Ha ha.

    We had a normal Sunday. No special VD stuff for us!

  3. Your Valentine treats are so precious, Michal!

    I’ve never tried a Heart Thrive product. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that. They sound good!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, and thanks for your sweet comment on my latest post – I responded!! 😉


  4. You’re job is awesome!! i want to make chocolate covered strawberries all day!! 😛
    I went to church and then cleaned for company. Such a fun day. (not!)

    The Heart Thrive flavor looks great as well!

  5. your love bugs are the cutest thing i have seen all weekend in the ‘sphere!!!!!!!
    OMG they are amazing!!!!! you clearly have steady non-shaky hands to do that! wow i am totally impressed!!!!

    and the cookies, thx for relinking those. i need to make something like that to use up some odds n ends.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I just love chocolate covered strawberries! They are soo good! I am actually eating one right now. My mom made some tonight.
    Love the cupcakes! So adorable.

  7. Cute lovebug! He looks like he has a little nose, I love it. Haha.

    If you decide that you want to an ab challenge then I’m up for it! My abs always get neglected in favor of the legs and arms.

    Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤

  8. aww, the love bugs are absolutely adorable! i could just eat him right up ;). i finally made my own larabar-y cookies today thanks to seeing your last post. thanks for inspiring me! i love the cute heart shape you made so i tried it, too.
    have a lovely day!

  9. I think those love bugs offer you a shot at cutest post ever award! So adorable (: -Kylee

  10. You are so creative in the kitchen, Michal! 🙂

    I would love to do the challenge with you! Give me the details and I am in. I really want to get my core (and everything else) into tip-top shape. I know of some basic core work, but I really need help with cardio! Intervals, what machines to use, times, resistance, etc. I am a newbie with using ellipticals. Do you have any suggestions? What do you usually do for cardio? I am really willing to do this challenge, though! 🙂

  11. That’s so adorable! Very cute and very pink 😉

    Wow! You must of had one, big, pink/hearty Valentine’s Day!

    Hm, that challenge sounds like a challenge I’m trying/thinking of taking right now! Coincidence?

    Ooh, and today (Valentine’s Day) my family, me, and my boyfriend went to a Sushi place 😉 Very full, but I realized/re-realized that I like homecooked meal(s) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. 😉

  12. The lemon poppyseed is one of my favorites heart thrive bars!! You gotta pop it in the micro for a few seconds next time you try it!!! 🙂

  13. omg! Those love bugs are awesome!!! So cute. And your chocolate covered strawberries look awesome as well hon! I actually celebrated valentines day a bit early and me and my hubs went on a small mini trip which was fun! I hope you had an awesome day today !! Take care sweetie!

  14. balancejoyanddelicias · · Reply

    very sweet eats… I love how the heart shape made me so cute! those heart thrive cakes are the best! 😀
    ab challenge? how is that work? more details please! 😀 I might join you. It sounds fun!

  15. Oh my goodness, those ladybugs are sooo adorable!! LOVE EM! You are so creative. Im a big fan of those Heart Thrive cookies, too.. a coffee shop by me sells em and I always snag one in the morning! 🙂

  16. Okay, those love bugs might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  17. Those love bugs are absolutely adorable! They definitely manage to set the mood for Valentine’s Day, and I bet making them was so much fun.

    I spent my Valentine’s Day pampering myself and enjoying chocolate and chick flicks 🙂 Simple and quiet, but a great day all the same.

  18. OOh! And top of what I wrote, congratulations for winning the goodies at pure2raw!!!!! (if you didn’t know, sorry for blowing it) Wow, you must be the luckiest girl (when it comes to winning free things) in the world!!!!

  19. I agree, your love bug wins you the ‘Cutest Post in the World Award’!!!

  20. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love your lady bug cupcake. It is adorable.

    I spent my Valentines Day, writing, and playing around in the kitchen.

    Hope you had a lovely ❤ day!


  21. Those lovebugs are so cute! And the Lemon Poppyseed is definitely one of my favorite flavors.

    I spent V-Day with my dad and boyfriend!

  22. ohmigosh. Those lovebugs are the cutest, sweetest things ever. Love, love them, and how creative you are!

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  24. Awww, you were so domestic and cute with all of this amazing food! Those ladybug cupcakes are adorable! Really pretty desserts are really my favorite part of this holiday. I had my fair share of sugar cookies as part of my girls only gossip session last night. Who needs a man when you have great friends who love to bake?

  25. ive wanted to try heart thrives forever! they look like they would be so yummy!

  26. I love chocolate covered strawberries! I had to have a few at one of our V Day parties we went to, so good! Glad you had a nice day 🙂

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