O’boy oh O’Soy!

Thank you all so much for your congratulations on my acceptance to Ohio University! 🙂

I really appreciated all of your tips and suggestions too. I think I am just going to have to sit down, make a couple of pro/con lists and really listen to my heart. I’ve done it before, and I have realized that nutrition is my passion and I really want to become a registered dietician so I can help others. It just feels right. I suppose it does make sense to go to OU major-wise, however a couple of you mentioned creating my own major at Wooster.

Well Wooster does say that you can create your own major, but I have read that sometimes they go back on their word and you are un-able to create the major they promised you. Im not sure if I really want to take that risk. Ill keep you guys updated on my ponderings!

Review Alert!

You all know how much I love my soy yogurts – my favorite brand being Silk Soy Yogurts (my reviews here). Well after seeing Food Inc. I became aware that Stonyfield sold a soy yogurt. I was so excited! After reading the label and doing some googling I found some unsure information about whether or not it was vegan. Well what did I do? Three health food stores and an email to the company later with this response got me my answer…

To answer your question regarding if the new O’Soy product is vegan, it may not be completely vegan due to the fact that is made in a dairy plant on
dairy lines. O’Soy is the first product produced on the line and only after
a thorough cleaning of the lines the night before. Though we don’t add
dairy there is always a possibility of trace amounts in the product, due to
the fact that it is made on dairy lines, air borne particles and human
error. We test the product for dairy and strive for less than 5 parts per
million (0.000005). The industry standard is for less than 10 parts per

So I suppose its up to you on whether or not these yogurts are vegan or not. A five parts per million, for me personally im willing to say its vegan. But I really do appreciate Stonyfield’s honesty.

EDIT –  I wanted to clarify that there is no milk in Stonyfields soy yogurts. Their cultures are indeed milk based, which means that they are started using milk, but no milk is actually in the yogurt, except for the less than five parts per million.

They come in all kinds of delicious flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, peach, vanilla, raspberry and blueberry. I tried the strawberry and peach flavors because they come in little handy containers to pack in my lunches for school. The verdict?

Strawberry – Tasty! It’s not too sweet, and perfectly strawbrry-ey. I liked eating this one plain, without mix-ins.

Peach – A little bit tart, the way that a peach yogurt should taste. This one though tastes better with some granola mixed in though!

What do you think about Stonyfield yogurts, have you ever tried them? If your vegan would you be okay with eating these?

Dont these look yummy?

Remember how my mom bought me Alicia Silverstones new book The Kind Diet? Well I have been looking forward to trying out some of her recipes and these were first – her home made peanut butter cups. Delish! Have you ever made these?

 How are you doing on the ab challenge if you signed up? Here are the both weeks one and two it’s not too late to jump in! I took today off from the gym, and am looking forward to going back tomorrow. Instead of having my day of active rest I didn’t really do much of anything (unless active juice drinking counts ;))

I’m one tired girl tonight I just got home from work and im looking forward to a good nights sleep and a healthy happy bowl of breakfast yum! What is it you ask?

Something green!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite tasty vegan (or non-vegan) treat? 🙂



  1. I really want Alicia’s book. Those pb cups looks luscious! I would probably be okay eating those yogurts. I try not to eat a ton of soy…but I’m fairly lax about it because I’m still in the transitional phase.

  2. YESSSS those pb cups are phenomenal.

  3. I wanna try those yogurts! I’m glad that they’re being really REALLY honest with you!

    And I hope you can come up with a wise choice for college, because you’re going to be stuck there for at least 4 years! 😀

    And my ab challenge has been going great! I really enjoy it, and since I KNOW there are other people that’s doing this, I’m really able to motivate myself to keep going!

    Yes yes, I’ve made PB cups before, and they’re phenomenal!!!!!! I can die for them, and you should make ones with yogurt-fillings in them! It’s quite different and interesting compared to the normal, same-ol’ peanut butter cups! ;D

    I’m working on your email, so hang in there!

  4. my recipe is just a couple of ingredients, and everyone’s been loving it who’s written to tell me about it :

    or my vegan white choco ones too

    you totally rocked Alicia’s recipe and honestly, i have been wanting to buy her book for awhile now, i just havent b/c i have more blogs than time right now…books, what are those?!! 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried O’Soy before because I thought they contained dairy. Thanks for finding out the truth. Trace/chance amounts of dairy doesn’t bother me. If one worries about it too much, there isn’t much they can eat as a vegan except produce and some canned foods. Almost everything warns about trace ingredients!

    The ab challenge is going well, I am starting to see definition. A lot of my fitness classes involve ab work, so it’s really easy for me to do this and stay motivated. When I go to a class that doesn’t center around some ab work (like BodyJam), I will spend an extra 10-15 minutes doing some different moves that I have found on fitnessmagazine.com

    The PB cups look yummy! 🙂

  6. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to make those pb cups– she raves about them in her book!!

  7. Vanilla · · Reply


    I hope you make the good choice! ❤

    Those pb cups looks so coool!! But I'm sure I'll get half the chocolate on the board/floor/t-shirt while making them, haha. I'm so messy, like a 6 year old.

    Never tried soyogurt…glad you liked them.

    My fave treat…so many! But let's say for now, it's the frozen banana blended with spinach and carob chips.


  8. I would consider these to be vegan. Even in a normal kitchen that is shared between dairy eaters and vegans I’m sure there is more contamination than this. Trace amounts won’t do anything to your body, and now that I know that these are 99.9999% vegan, I’ll keep my eye out for them. Thanks for checking on them!

  9. Thanks for the yogurt review! The sound tasty 🙂 I’ve made Averie’s vegan PB cups before, and loved them! Definitely one of my favorite treats. Have a great day!

  10. Good luck with choosing a school. I have looked into the requirements for being an RD in the past, and personally, because of the qualifications and exams and all the stuff you need in order to be legit, I wouldn’t trust the “make up your own major” route here. If they could truly support it 100%, they would have it. I’d go to a school that already knows what they’re doing.

    Peach yogurt was always my favorite, but I haven’t had it in years!

  11. Ahh! those peanut butter cups look to die for xD No question about it i am SO buying her book! lol

  12. I want those yogurts! NONE of the grocery stores around here (and that’s FOUR) have soy yogurt. 😦 It’s so annoying. Those ones look good though and I wouldn’t worry about the possibility of milk products in it. I mean, a speck? If you have allergies then stay away but if you’re vegan then I would say go for it. I’m extremely against dairy but I would still consume those. 🙂

    Right now my favorite treats are.. dried figs. Haha! I know, who thinks of that as a treat but they are SOSOSOSOSO good and when I get a package, I just devour it by myself. It’s love. ❤

  13. I read the ingredient label online and it says that the cultures are milk based. unless they changed the ingredients, the yogurt isn’t vegan.

  14. Good luck with school.

    I do not eat soy anymore, but I did enjoy the yogurt when I did.

  15. Ooh wow I didn’t know Stonyfield had soy yogurt – the markets near me only have Vitasoy, which you have to stir or else it is all lumpy. I think they have recently added more sugar to it or something, I remember it being pleasantly, mildly sweet but lately it has been too sweet for me.

    Favourite vegan treat – CUPCAKES!!

  16. I am impressed that Stonyfield got back to you with such an honest answer. I think that’s great they are being 100 percent upfront with you on how the yogurt is made and processed. Between the 50 grocery stores here I bet I can track this down. Although I am not vegan (or even vegetarian) I am finding my taste shifting more towards soy products than cow’s milk. I’ll keep my eyes open!!!

  17. Those yogurts are so good! My favorite flavor is vanilla because it’s really smooth. The chocolate is also pretty good, but it has a strange aftertaste.

    Those peanut butter cups look delicious. I’ll have to make those over the weekend.

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