I don’t know about you guys but this week seems to have dragged on forever! I’m so glad that the weekend is here! What am I going to be doing this weekend you ask? Work, work and more work. But on the bright side I should be going up to visit Ohio University this coming week and then im on spring break for a whole week!

Last night I went out  to dinner with my mom and my other close friend just to play catch up and to talk colleges. I ended up being able to get a really nice salad with tons of fresh veggies and a huge portabello mushroom cap “steak.”

Delish! 🙂

I was inspired to create this recipe after picking up some raw buckwheat groats from the health food store the other day, and I wanted to make some sort of cookie/pancake creation. These can be either, as soft or as crunchy as you like you just have to adjust the dehydrating time. The batter also tastes really good just eaten with a spoon!

Delectable Breakfast Delights


4 dates

3 figs

1 tbsp agave

1 medium apple, chopped

2 tbsp flax meal

1 tbsp dried coconut

1/4 cup buckwheat groats, ground

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla



In a bowl place your dates and figs and cover with water. Wrap the bowl and soak for three hours or until dates and figs are soft. Drain and save the soakwater for a refreshing drink!

In your food processor place your dates, figs and chopped apple and process until a paste  forms. Add in your buckwheat flour, flax meal and dried coconut and process again. Finally add your agave, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon and process until a batter forms.

Scrape out your batter and roll it out. Shape your batter into desired shapes (I used cookie cutters!). Place on your dehydrator and dehydrate for 1 hour, flip, then for another hour.


Tonight they are having another Zumba party at my gym! I’m really excited about this because since I have been working on Mondays and Wednesday’s I have been unable to attend a Zumba class for two whole weeks. 😦 But tonight it is going to be two and a half hours of pure Zumba bliss.

Are any of you guys planning on watching Jamie Olivers Food Revolution tonight? I don’t watch a lot of television but this show sounds like it is going to be right up my alley!

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Michal ♥

Question of the day – What do you think of Jamie Oliver and his mission?

I personally think that it is a fantastic idea – he is such an inspiration to everyone who desires to be healthy!

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  1. Have fun at Ohio U!
    My mom was talking about that show, it sounds interesting…

    And, those pancakes look good! I have quite a few buckwheat groats to use. I’ll keep something like this in mind.

  2. What an amazing recipe!
    I would like to make it, but I don’t have a dehydrator 😦

  3. I watched it, and I really liked it! I think his mission is admirable…plus, I’ve always thought he was pretty cute 🙂

    Those pancakes look great!

  4. I keep hearing about Jamie Oliver’s mission, but have yet to really understand who he is!! From what I can understand though, his goal to change people’s eating habits is great though. Have a great trip to OU!!

  5. Those pancakes look yumilicious!!! 😀

    I am a HUGE fan of Jamie Oliver – and his recent mission. I believe he is genuine and has a sincere heart. I hope he is able to accomplish even more than he has set out to do. Kudos to him!!!

    And I’m loving his Food Revolution show. Can’t wait to watch more! 😀

  6. HAVE FUN this weekend!! That is a very creative recipe and the picture is so tantalizing. I bet they were delicious! I have never ever had a fig before.. can you believe that?!

    I did not watch the Food Revolution show last night..

  7. I’m really interested in this show. So many people are so uneducated and misinformed when it comes to eating well and living healthy lives. Hopefully he can get more people to put down the KFC, start exercising, and doing what’s good for them!

  8. I didn’t get to watch the show as I had no idea it was on and until today, I had no idea that it existed.. haha. After finding out what it was about I definitely think it’s an amazing idea!

    I hope you had fun at Zumba! 🙂

  9. I didn’t get to watch the show as I had no idea it was on until today, I had no idea that it existed.. haha. After finding out what it was about I definitely think it’s an amazing idea!

    I hope you had fun at Zumba! 🙂

  10. That recipe looks fantastic! Super tasty for a weekend morning breakfast. 🙂

    Hope Zumba went well… I MUST try that myself one of these days!


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