The hour is upon us

Are any of you out there particpating in Earth Hour today?

I know I am!

Jamie Oliver’s food revolution was so good last night, if you missed you can watch it all here. Here is one of my favorite clips…

This just breaks my heart. These kids dont even know what tomatoes, broccoli or onions are. I used to be one of those kids. I really wish that we had more people like Jamie Oliver in the world who is pushing for change, and challenging the normal standards when it comes to food. I want to do something similar someday, I really want to help people learn how to make healthier choices.

Me and my zumba girls post two hour class. I was so tired once I was done but felt glorious, it had been way too log since I had last done it. Check out the abs on Michelle (the girl in the purple), arent they crazy. I want to have some killer abs like her some day! 🙂

Review Alert!

My mom picked up this new  cereal for me last night and I already love it! Nature’s Path has been making awesome, healthy food products for over fifty years and a good portion of them are vegan.

This cold cereal called Synergy – 8 Whole Grains is delicious! I would most definitely buy this again.

  • High Fiber
  • Low Fat
  • Whole Grain
  • Low Sodium
  • Vegan
  • No Trans Fats

Organic wheat bran, organic whole wheat meal, organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice, organic whole oat flour, organic yellow corn flour, organic brown rice flour, organic oat bran, organic whole millet, organic molasses, organic whole quinoa seeds, organic buckwheat flour, organic barley flour, organic barley malt extract.

Crunchy cereal to top a tasty carrot-gasm. Chopped dried dates and cinnamon make it extra yummy. 🙂

Keep the contest entries coming, you guys have almost a whole other week to get them in! (Remember for extra enteries you can make one of my recipes!)

Thats it for me, its lights out for this girl for the rest of the night!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite way to save energy?



  1. taleoftwovegans · · Reply

    Thanks for the link to Jamie Oliver’s show, I’ve been super curious about it, but I don’t have a tv! All you zumba girls look great! If I ever get my workouts out of my living room and into a gym (haha, doubtful at best!) I’ll definitely have to try a zumba class. 🙂 -Eve

  2. Oh that cereal sounds super fabulous. Would make a good little snack!

    I try to not unplug unnecessary items when they are not in use and turn off all lights when possible.

  3. My favorite way to save energy is to turn off the lights. In fact, I do it so much that my dad calls me a mole. :p I also annoy my sister by turning her light off whenever I notice she isn’t in her room (or even if she IS in her room and I don’t think she needs it..) and by constantly reminding people, “Do you really need that light on?” Yeah, I’m a bit of an annoying light nazi. 🙂

    That girl in the purple definitely has some AMAZING abs going on. They were the first thing I noticed!

  4. I really need to make time to watch his show! I try to save energy by keeping the heat low and wearing robes and heavy blankets at night!

  5. How ironic, a lady I work with was just telling me about Jamie Oliver today! I really admire what he is doing. I know how public school food is. My high school didn’t have any healthy options; it was all fried, processed crap.

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  7. My favorite way to save energy is to lounge around on the couch all day watching tv and movies.

    Oh, wait, that’s not what you meant? oh sorry…

  8. Wow, that video clip shocked me. My children are going to know every fruit and vegetable known to mankind! Haha, I hope to raise them vegan until they can choose for themselves. 🙂

    Wowwww! Those abs on Michelle are rockin’! I would totally love to look like that someday too! But, I know that everyone’s bodies develop/strengthen differently. I should be happy with what I am capable of.

    Yum! I will have to look for that Synergy cereal when I go to WF on Monday.

  9. Yum I love Nature’s Path GF cereals! 🙂

  10. Hi! New reader here!

    I used to live in Thailand, and the Nature’s Path Synergy totally saved me as it was hard to get some health foods there! I ate it all the time and loved it. Now I live back in Oklahoma, and I can’t find it anywhere. bah!

  11. I haven’t watched Food Revolution yet, but I’ve heard great things! Hopefully I can catch up online tonight. My son and I take trips to Whole Foods and walk around naming the produce (“What’s this one?”) and he only just turned 2 so I’m shocked those kids don’t know! The only one he has trouble with is lemon… I can’t convince him it’s not an apple for some reason! 😛

  12. Oh my gosh, that video is so sad…I don’t expect children to recognize EVERY vegetable, but potato/tomato? Jamie Oliver is definitely going in the right direction by promoting awareness!

    I love Nature’s Path cereals, I’ll have to try that one!!

  13. eating vegetarian! not eating meat is one of the best ways to conserve resources.

    Thanks for posting the link to the show. I’ll probably end up watching it tonight instead of getting caught up on my reading for the week.

  14. Zumba is such a blast isn’t it?! It’s so energizing!

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  16. I wanted to see Jamie Oliver’s show, but unfortunately, my station put something else on in its time slot. Boo hoo; I guess I’ll have to catch it somewhere else later.

    You Zumba girls look great. I can’t believe how its made a come back. I had the DVD series years ago. Although I thought it disappeared after that, it’s taking the exercise world by storm.

  17. I was actually on the strip during earth hour but it was neat to see the whole strip go dark. Glad they took a part in Earth hour.
    I am anal about unplugging things when I’m not using them. I don’t realize how much energy it used even when just plugged in.
    I have also been better about recycling!
    Have a great day!

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  19. Way to go on the 2 hour Zumba class! There are so many times that I wish my circuit training classes could be 2 hours long.

  20. I am very diligent about saving energy and generally being ‘green’. 🙂 I have an energy meter at home and always show it to my friends to demonstrate that things on ‘stand-by’ actually do use electricity. 🙂
    I am a Jamie Oliver fan. He is very big in the UK. He has done so much for the school kids already and is constantly lobbying for better quality school meals and generally, better food education.

  21. I haven’t had the chance to watch “Food Revolution” yet so thank you for posting this clip! It really upsets me, too that these kids (and probably millions more across the country) don’t know what simple vegetables look like. We are clearly in need of a revolution!

  22. I wish I could participate but no way would my work do anything like that. If it would keep them from making some money then it won’t fly:(

    However, I’ll just do what I can tonight:) I like to think I live very resource aware and tonight I’ll be taking a run with my husband, gardening and grilling, all of which take no electricity or any energy other than body.

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