Some-bunny loves me…

I hope you all had an enjoyable easter!

The best part of my day hands down was searching for my easter basket. 🙂

My mom has always been the master basket maker. She always knows how to hook me up. My basket this year was amazing, she really put so much thought and effort into it. Plus I got an entertaining story about how she had to hunt for vegan easter treats. And when she did ask for suggestions at the health food stores they just looked at her funny and asked why she was looking for such a thing. As if vegan’s don’t desire delicious easter treats, I personally know that I love treats even more so now being vegan! Anyway let’s have a look at the loot shall we?

She got me a bunch of Stretch Island Fruit Companies fruit leathers. She knows that I adore these from my previous reviews.

New flavors of Cliff Bars (well for me anyway!) – Maple Nut, and Peanut Toffee Buzz. She also bought two mini Raw Revolution bites in the Chocolate Cashew flavor.

These bars are totally new to me. The Think Products Company – Think Fruit and Think Organic bars. I cannot wait to try these out – they sound yummy!

Also new products to me – NuGo nutrition bar flavored in Carrot Cake. An Erin Baker’s breakfast cookie in chocolate chunk! And whats that underneath? Why it is re-usable tote by my favorite company Foodie Friends. You might remember my mom also got me my own recipe book, and a journal type thing from this company. I don’t know how Earth Mama finds this stuff since they aren’t making it anymore! (Boo!)

Does Earth Mama know how to shop for easter goodies or what?! In addition to all of this she got me some new sunglasses, three new pieces of swimwear and a key chain of my boyfriend. Love you mom! 🙂

I am loving being on spring break! The weather is so gorgeous, and it is so nice to be able to sit and relax. I actually got to sleep in for the first time today – even though it was only until 9 still! I also have some other big news… there could possibly be an Earth Muffin Man… wait boy…dude? Hehe! Okay there isn’t possibly one, there is one.  But that’s all that I’m sharing for now.

Zumba later on tonight, I can’t wait! Enjoy your Monday!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How was your Easter, did the easter bunny bring you a basket?

Raw chocolate giveaway from the generous Katie.

Namaste giveaway over at Balance Joy and Delicias.

Michelle is hosting a generous iHerb giveaway.

Heather is having a delicious giveaway!



  1. Your mom is amazing. I so miss searching for an Easter basket filled with my favorite goodies. I tried to get CD in on the tradition, but he didn’t really get it. 😦

    Thanks for the giveaway shout-out and enjoy your Zumba class!

  2. Your mom hooked you UP!!! Nice!

    I love those Maple Nut clif bars– they taste like pancakes!

  3. Great news. Tell us more about your man. Have fun! 🙂
    You have such a wondeful mum. That basket looks amazing. Yum!! It clearly shows that you can be a vegan and still enjoy tasty food.
    Enjoy your spring break.

  4. Now that’s a yummy looking basket. I didn’t have one of my own, but the kids really enjoyed theirs. Hayden can’t get enough of her wrist rattles. I can hear her shaking ’em all the time 🙂

  5. Girl you got hooked up! Enjoy those treats 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to hear about the Earth Muffin Man…I definitely like “man” best, haha!

    Your mom definitely knows how to hook you up!! My parents wouldn’t know where to begin, haha. Can’t wait to hear what you think of all your new goodies!!

  7. my mom sent me those fruit strips in my easter basket, too! I have yet to try them but I trust your recommendation that they’re really good!

    and a Muffin Man? you lucky girl!

  8. Hey Michal! It sounds like you are having a great spring break! 🙂 I am happy for you. Mine was nice as I am just sad it’s over. 😦

    Okay first of all, that Easter basket is amazing! My mom didn’t make me one this year. It was upsetting. 😦 She didn’t know what to get me…gasp! There are TONS of vegan treats out there! Hello, health food store?! Haha, anyways…

    I’ve had the NuGo bar…it’s alright…kind gluten-free, if you know what I mean 😉 But, the flavor had a nice spice to it. The Cliff bars are amazing – you will love the Maple Nut, especially…so much flavor! That breakfast cookie looks yummy!

    I’ve been wanting to try those Think Thin bars. The coconut one looks yummy…and the pb pom one reminds me of the Pb and J Larabar! I will have to see if Kroger carries them. 🙂

    Oh, and Earth Muffin Man??? Whatttt??? Email me, please!!! I want details! I can’t wait! 😀

  9. Aww looks so good!

  10. Wow, Earth Mama does know how to shop for Easter goodies! Your basket looks quite delicious!

    And now I’m really intrigued by the Earth Muffin Man…I can’t wait to hear more!

  11. Vegans don’t eat treats? Bag! Who comes up with that kind of nonsense? You had a great looking Easter basket! Your mom definitely hooked you up with some amazing treats 🙂

    Easter baskets are definitely a tradition in my family. Usually they’re stuffed with chocolate, jelly beans, pampering products, and a little stuffed lamb to add to an ever-growing collection of stuffed lambs from past Easters… and this year was no different 🙂

    Happy slightly belated Easter, hun!

  12. Ooooh a man!! And how was your visit to OU? Is it still in the running?!

  13. That’s quite a stash. Kinda jealous. The Easter bunny skipped my house this year. 😦 I might have to run to Good Earth and snag some treats anyway.

  14. sagojyou · · Reply

    OMG!!! Earth Mama ROCKS!!! 😀 I wish I got an awesome basket like you! (the Raw revolution bars are sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!)

    Hhm, I thought the breakfast cookies and the thinkfruit bars weren’t vegan. (If she asked/looked for vegan food, it probably is)

    And whaaaaaaaaat?! You got a earth muffin man? Iiiiiiii need to hear about this! 😉 And I miss our email conversation so much!!!! D:

  15. Your mom is so cute! She certainly knows you well. My mom got me all kinds of chocolate eggs- some even have almond butter and coconut in them!

  16. Definitely an awesome basket!! 🙂

  17. Your mom hooked you up with that Easter basket! It looks amazing!

    The Easter bunny brought me all my favorite chocolate—soooo perfect!

  18. WOW I wish your mom was my Easter bunny.. I just got all the regular junky candy (although that is good too). Obsessed with the HUGE amount of goodies you got!! WOOT WOOT

  19. That’s very cute! My mom did Easter baskets for us (including an egg hunt of clues leading us to the baskets) up until I moved out — which was last year when I was 20. =)

  20. no basket for me, but had a great day with the fam and they bought me flowers!

    love all your treats and eats, michal!!!!

  21. Jessica Zara · · Reply

    Wow! That’s an amazing Easter basket.

    We don’t really have traditions like that in England (apart from the obligatory chocolate egg) but now I’ve seen those Clif and Think bars, I’m starting to wish that we did.


  22. highonhealthy · · Reply

    What a wonderful Easter basket! I’m definitely jealous. 😀

    I’m still planning on making my own Easter basket even though Easter is over.. I’m just a little slow.

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  24. Oh man – your mom totally hooked you up! Those bars look phenom – haven’t seen most of them around here. Jealous!

  25. […] I love my new swim suit which I got in my easter basket! […]

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