Senior Prom Part 1

Monday Monday Monday!

I hope you guys are all comfortable because there are a lot of pictures in this post. (Go grab a drink, and maybe a snack! Ill wait!)

Okay, all set? Lets go! πŸ™‚

Me in my dress.

I love the way I got my hair done!

The theme of our prom this year was Happily Ever After.

Fun fancy drinks they served.

Okay now onto the food. Hmph. :/

A week prior I called the restaurant where my prom was being held (the same place it was held last year, where is wasn’t a problem) and talked to the head chef about me being vegan, and if he could prepare a special meal for me like he did the previous year. I called three days before, and the day of just to be sure that I would be taken care of.

Guess what? They forgot.

Alright so after being brought a limp salad smothered with cheese, the another limp salad with nothing (that’s right just lettuce, no veggies, nothing!), then finally a teeny tiny bowl of oily veggies. Yea, um lets just say I was a little upset. It is not hard to prepare vegan food at all. I would have taken anything, really. But I end up with oily veggies. Lame!

Some people asked me, “why not just just give it for one night, it doesn’t matter” or “your just being difficult eat your deep fried blah blah here.” For me, being vegan is more than just a “diet”, its a way I have chosen to live. I hate that people assume that I’m some starved, deprived person living on nothing but lettuce and air. Veganism for me isn’t some trend, or some passing phase. Its here to stay. I just wish people would be more understanding of that. However that being said many of my family members, and closer older friends understand. It is the high school ones that seem to have a problem with it.

Okay, rant over. More prom fun! πŸ™‚

Being silly on the dance floor.

Being gangsta’ on the way.

This is my absolute favorite picture!

Stay tuned, part 2 to come!

Michal β™₯

Question of the day – Do you remember your senior prom? What made it magical for you?



  1. I love how you were able to style your hair! That’s a bummer about the chef being less than accommodating – it really is NOT difficult to make something delicious, nutritious, and animal-product free.

    Prom wasn’t such a huge deal at my high school. We didn’t really splurge on dresses or salon appointments, it was totally okay to go sans date, and dinner was had at nearby restaurants before we even made it to the dance. While it was nice to have things low key, I kind of miss having that huge, once-in-a-lifetime ordeal that is the typical senior prom. Love your dress, by the way!

  2. WOW your dress is absolutely stunning, as is that last picture. Everything looks so nice and pretty… love the blue drink! Very fancy indeed and such a fun cute theme.

    I cannot believe they forgot, well I can believe it because it was probably hella hectic, but you even follow up called.. crazy! At least the prom itself was good, right?

    Proud of you for standing your ground on veganism.

  3. You look gorgeous and I love your dress! The vegan mix-up is quite a disappointment but I can see that you still prevailed. Even though that was a bump in the road, I can tell you had fun with your friends and that’s all that really matters. I can totally relate to misunderstandings coming from peers. I’m proud of being vegan but sometimes my fellow high-schoolers regard it like I do. It’s not a passing fad or stage, it is a true lifestyle choice.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. the most beautiful belle of the ball ❀ xoxo

  5. Your hair is gooooooooooooooooorgeous.
    So lame about the prom food. I was on my prom committee and we just had nibbles and desserts. My best friend, a vegan at the time, thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate fountain (my idea :D)!

  6. sagojyou · · Reply

    Woot woot!!! I’ve been waiting for this post for a while now! πŸ˜€

    Nice dress! It totally matches your nails! And I like the last picture, how you have your dress spread out; very pretty. πŸ™‚ Nice hair style and hair clips!

    Cute theme too. But I’m really sorry for them forgetting about your vegan food. Seriously, I understand. People saying, “Just eat this!” isn’t cool. You live being vegan because you want to, and nothing’s going to change that. You stay strong, and be/stay yourself, because there are many, MANY other vegans out there who are fighting the same enemies! (hey, at least you didn’t starve yourself. So that’s good) πŸ˜‰

    My senior prom is coming up sometime this month, but I ain’t going. BUT, if I talk about this year’s homecoming, what made it special was that right when my BF gave me flowers, our song went on the radio! (not expecting it at all, too!) I couldn’t do anything but laugh! πŸ˜€

  7. Beautiful dress and gorgeous hair! You look awesome.

    For me, the magical thing was the spontaneity and low expectations! I actually really didn’t want to go to senior prom, I thought it was lame. But then one of my good guy friends got backed out on and so he asked me. I bought my dress like, 3 days before the dance, did everything last minute, and it was awesome. It almost took the stress out of everything because I wasn’t worrying about it at all! After the dance, a big group of my friends and I took a bus to one of the guys’ lake houses in Michigan and spent the weekend being ridiculous.

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  9. Michal, you look so gorgeous! So sophisticated! Just like a model straight from a magazine! Wow! I really really do love your new short hair.

    Love ya! πŸ™‚

  10. I love that last picture…absolutely stunning!

    I’m sorry to hear that they had nothing vegan to offer you…or at least nothing appetizing. I understand, girl..even though I am no longer eating a full vegan diet, I still eat as healthy as possible (no fried foods, minimal sugary deserts, etc), but sometimes people like to get on me about it and are like: “just eat the cookie!”…but in all honesty, if I don’t want the cookie or am too full to eat it, why eat it? I only feed my body what it wants and NEEDS. I know that if I just had a filling dinner and my stomach is satisfied, then I don’t need a cookie to make it turn into a stomachache.

    I am glad that you stood your ground and didn’t give into peer pressure. Hope you are having a good week! My birthday is tomorrow…not sure if I am excited or not…I have been pretty upset lately…I will try to cheer up and enjoy my last few days as a “child.”

  11. I loved this recap! Your dress is adorable, and it looks like an enchanted night!

  12. Your dress is gorgeous!! And I love all the photos – you look like you had an amazing time – but that’s such a bummer about the restaraunt. I’m surprised people told you you should just forget about being vegan for a night, too. Maybe it’s not a religion, but it’s still a belief – I relate that to telling someone “hey, why don’t you be this religion for the night rather than that one.” I couldn’t think of anything else there, haha. But really.
    Anyways. I remember my sr. prom. I was dragged there. I hated the prom part – but I love the dinner we had beforehand. Me and my “date” (close guy friend) and my friend and her b/f did our own thang and went to a really nice restaurant. That was sort of the story of our h/s lives, though – doing our own thang, haha.
    Can’t wait for the rest of your recap!

  13. You look so beautiful!! Seriously, that dress was made for you πŸ™‚ Sucks about the food, but I hope you didn’t let it ruin your night!!

    Confession: I went to 4 senior proms, haha. I went to an all girls’ school, so I got to go to a few guys’ school ones!! But mine was definitely the best- my date was SO FUN (he’s actually my current BF’s best friend), and I loved just spending time with my friends. I get nostalgic for HS all the time!!

    Hope you have a great hump day girl!! xoxo

  14. Aww! You look beautiful! Love the dress. Totally classy.

    I feel you on not ‘just letting it go for one night’. The thing is, if you ‘just let it go’ every time there was a difficult moment, shoot, you’d be letting it go every other day.

    Way to stand up for yourself.

  15. Your favorite picture is absolutely gorgeous! If that was me, I’d blow it up and have it poster sized on my wall. πŸ˜‰
    It sucks your food was forgotten, but it’s great you stuck to your beliefs. Besides, you probably would have felt pretty crappy for the rest of your prom if your body had to deal with all those foods you have excluded from your diet!

  16. Vanilla · · Reply



    I want to be pretty just like you when I’ll have my senior prom…<3

    *and curse the head chef!*


  17. oh my goodness, you look gorgeous! And your dress is super cute πŸ˜‰ Our prom theme was Alice in Wonderland this year.

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  19. You are just gorgeous! Love the recap! What a beautiful dress, oh and you hair!!

    And for me my senior prom was one of the worst nights…all I will say is boy drama, haha.

  20. justjac · · Reply

    Ah I’m sorry the restaurant messed up, that’s the worst when you get stuck with something you didn’t order–and wouldn’t eat!

    Your dress is and you looked so gorgeous though hope you had a fun night!! πŸ˜€

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  22. Gorgeous!!!! ❀

  23. You look gorg! This makes me miss prom!

  24. Wow, what a beautiful dress! Love it!

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  26. The last photo is my favorite, too! You look so healthy, beautiful, and vibrant! Good for you!

    And what an awesome photo to represent the memories, eh?! πŸ˜‰

    Healthy hugs,

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  28. You are so beautiful, and not just on the outside:)
    Thanks for sharing part of your prom with us!

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