Making friends in far away places.

A luscious green smoothie to start off my day.

To be honest lately i haven’t really been diggin my leafy greens. I couldn’t even stomach all of this delicious smoothie goodness, which is strange. Could this maybe be why im fighting off a cold? (Or is it just a case of bad karma?) I have to admit though that lately I have been eating more naughty treats, including more vegan baked goods and processed soy products. Which has left me feeling not my best. While indulgence is good every once in a while my motto is everything in moderation. Let’s say i have been going a little overboard on the whole moderation part. 😉

Maybe me getting this cold is my bodies way of telling me, “hey you what are you doing? Give me more of the good stuff that I need. And stop with the crap.” While I can appreciate a decadent dessert or panini like every other person sometimes my body just craves simplicity.

Ya dig? I’m looking forward to re-introducing more of the good whole foods that I love, and cutting back on the naughty treats. (Note I said cutting back, not cutting out!)

My good old friend the mail man paid me a visit today, and lookie what he brought.

A package all the way from overseas! England more specifically.

My new fellow blogger friend Jess from over at her new blog Almost Over Now has been blogging for ages now, and I really look forward to her posts. She is such an amazing person, and even though we have never met I can tell that we would be totally perfect buddies even though I’m a youngster.

Look at the cute little drawing that she sent along with the package. Not only is she a gifted runner but she is skilled at drawing too!

Now what was inside that package you ask…?

TREK bars and Nakd bars. OMG SQUEE!

After seeing these bars all over the blog world I have been on the hunt trying to track these bad boys down. I have been unsuccessful though because apparently they  are only for sale in the UK. So Jess was kind enough to send me some, and we did a little bar swap. (Keep your eyes peeled on your mail box girl! ;))

Nakd bars. Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie, Cocoa Orange and Pecan Pie.

TREK bars in Cocoa Brownie, Mixed Berry, Peanut & Oat, Cherry Crunch protein flapjack. And two more Nakd bars.

Thank you so so so much Jess. I love everything, and cant wait to try it out all.

Ill be taking both of your suggestions and try the two chocolate ones first.

Hugging my fats 🙂

You all know I have a slight obsession with tahini. I will shmeer it on anything. Lately I have really been digging my newest sandwich creation which I deem a more gourmet version of peanut butter and jelly. Kind of. I call it the… Bananhini Sandwich.

Bananhini Sandwich

2 slices of whole wheat bread (or your favorite)

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp tahini (or more)


Bread, tahini layer, layer on your bananas, more tahini, bread. YUM!

I have been fueling my obsession with Synergy Kombucha.

The Raspberry Rush flavor is pure bliss.

The count down is still on. 3 days of my senior year left, and 7 teeny days until my birthday. 🙂

Can you guys tell I’m getting excited? What will the future hold? Will life be different once I hit the big 1-8? Sometimes I just stop and think about how much things are going to be changing this summer. Everything that I have ever known is going to be ending. But something totally new is beginning. Ill finally be classified as an adult. Ill be in college. Ill be working full time (for the summer at least!). Gosh when I started this blog almost a year ago I didn’t even have my drivers license. Time sure does fly!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Where about the world does your farthest friend live?



  1. Oh how lovely! Aren’t packages the best!?

    Right now my sister lives in Paris…she’s my bestie and that’s FAR! We keep in touch through emails, letters and phone calls as often as possible.

    I love your sandwich name. Friggin’ awesome.

  2. Aww what a cute drawing… AND a cute name for a yummy-looking sammie.
    LOL I have friends everywhere in the world. Well, except Antarctica. I guess penguins are my friends. Do they count? 🙂

  3. I have a friend/cousin who lives in Canada. That is probably the furthest..aside from blog friends.
    Those bars look super yummy.
    I have been doing a bit of overindulging myself. You definitely don’t feel as good though.

  4. JESS IS TOO AMAZING! wow look at those bars. i love blogger friends!!! ❤ yayyyy

  5. what a great swap!! so cool to get bars you can’t find anywhere, isn’t it?!
    I have never had tahini before…should i be ashamed?! that raspberry kombucha sounds amazing though. i haven’t had a kombucha in ages! i almost bought one today but my wallet didn’t like the idea so i put it back. it’s so expensive to be healthy 😛
    enjoy the very last of your senior year!!

  6. Yum! That sandwich sounds delicious!
    I love surprise gifts in the mail! My friend in Australia has sent me a couple and it’s so exciting! 🙂

  7. Ahh I remember the rush of the end of the year!! So exciting. In all honesty though, if there’s one thing I could have told myself when I graduated, it’s to not forget where you came from- you will encounter so many new things when you go to school, but you will still cherish home so much. We’re still young and have a lot to learn, so it’s important to stay grounded and close to the people and places that have brought you to where you are today. With that being said, LIVE IT UP girl!! Hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday, last few days of school and graduation!!

  8. At school I’ve met people from all over the world. My roommate freshman year was from Taiwan and a lot of my classmates are from India. It’s really interesting to learn about their cultures and see how their customs are so different.

  9. ~Jessica Zara~ · · Reply

    Aww, you’re too kind! I really hope the bars live up to your expectations 🙂

    I know the feeling about overindulging…not that I’ve been eating unhealthy foods, but my portion sizes are insane! I think my poor tummy needs a rest. Just remember that definitions of health are relative and whether you’ve had a few vegan goodies or not, you’re still ten times’ healthier than almost everyone else both in the UK and the USA! I think sometimes blogs make us forget how often the rest of the world indulges daily in foods we don’t go anywhere near.

    Sounds like some big changes are happening for you ~ love the fact that you’re embracing them and I know you’ll be a success at everything you do because you’re such a bright, talented girl (woman!)



  10. i love love love packages! let me know how those naked bars are! i hear fantastic things about them ALL the time :]

  11. […] I believe Heather likes it, and I saw the combination of banana and tahini on Michal’s blog recently.  Don’t knock it ‘till you try […]

  12. Awesome!!! Girl, you get so many things!!! I wish I can get something like that! (and yeah, try the chocolate ones first!! Because I want to hear a revieew about it) 😉 Actually, I’ve never heard of those bars before. Hmm…yeay for the UK’s 🙂

    Where does my farthest friend live? I want to say Japan, but I don’t really keep in touch with anyone anymore, so I wouldn’t particually say that. 😕 I’d say Thailand, because this exchange student girl is going back there this summer 😦 (it’s the girl in one of my posts)

  13. We have been indulging in a few more cooked vegan treats as well, so hear ya on that ; ) But we are getting back into balance, slowly! Still have to have fun, right?

  14. That Bananhini Sandwich sounds interesting, maybe I will try it some time! I love finding new uses for Tanhini. 🙂


  15. Im loving the sandwich combo!!!!!!! Yay for yummy fats!!

    What a sweet package you got too!!!

    Have a wonderful night love!! xoxo

  16. haha i have been craving junk like none other too!! weird but im just rolling with it!

    wow that banini sammie looks SO GOOD 🙂 must try asap.

    have a wonderful birthday !

  17. sadly my farthest living friend lives in japan.. although we arent very close anymore 😦

    yea i totally understand that u wanna cut back.. i find myself going overboard on vegan muffins sometimes.. so i cut back a bit.. but def not cut out entirelly.. like u said.. need the treats, just not AS much 🙂 xoxo ❤

  18. awesome package! I’ve never seen those nakd bars, but they sound great. I need to cut back on the indulgence too since recently getting back from vacay. It’s nice every once in awhile though! Yay for all your new beginnings! Exciting things to come for you 🙂

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