Im home! 🙂

And I had the most amazing orientation experience ever.

I cannot believe how much fun I had, and I am honestly so sad that I have to wait two whole months before school starts. I met so many wonderful new people and my classmates are so awesome.

I was so nervous that it would be awkward, or that I wouldn’t make any friends but I made tons. I learned so much in the process about the campus and about life around town. Plus I met a girl there and me and her totally clicked right away, so we decided that we are going to be roommates! We already decided that we are going to have the best dorm room on campus and are going to be color coordinating everything! Yay! 🙂

The dorm where I stayed. Yea, pretty plain. We need to jazz it up A LOT!

Speaking of dorm stuff I have a few pictures of things that Earth Mama and I bought last week when we were out shopping…

For my dorm colors I decided on kelly green, lime green and aqua.

I love my comforter its solid lime green on one side, and then kelly green with white polka dots on the other.

I also scheduled my classes and they go pretty much like this.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have…

  • Nutrition Science
  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Intro to Art from
  • College Writing AP

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have…

  • Wellness
  • Liberal Arts Experience FYE

And that’s it. Total I scheduled myself 18 credit hours this semester. Do you have a problem over scheduling yourself? What do you do compromise? The only thing I’m worried about is that since I have always been one to heap too much onto my plate at once, that I will be taking on too much since I am planning on doing tons of extra curricular’s and activities too.

What sort of activities are you or did you do in college?

Is there anything you wish you would have been a part of?

My bear that Earth Mama bought for me (one of many things!)

I have such a big week ahead of me this week!

Tomorrow night is the Eclipse movie premier and my friend and I have tickets to see the midnight showing (of course!) I know its going to be just as much fun as the last midnight movie showing that we attended.

Plus on Wednesday Earth Mama and I are going on a two day trip to Fredricksburg, VA. So if your in that area or know any cool spots or restaurants that I should check out let me know!

Immediately after I get home from VA on Friday Ill be re-packing my suitcase and then I’m going camping for the first time ever with my friend Sarah and her family.

Can you say craaa-zaay busy?!

Thats all for me today, I have Zumba later today and need to get in a much needed workout!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What did/is your dorm room going to look like?



  1. How EXCITING! I can’t wait to see your room all JAZZED up!! 🙂

    This is amazing, college is a great experience.

  2. Hi – Congrats on your orientation and future college career! Just a word of caution, though – you may want to remove the picture of your i.d. from your web-site, since it provides personal information including what appears to be your student identification number. Good luck!

  3. I’m so happy to hear you had an awesome experience!
    Dorms are horrifically tiny, but I have a feeling you and your new found friend will be able to work it! 😛
    Your classes sound so interesting 😛 Enjoy Eclipse!

  4. In college, I lived in a beautiful historic dorm. We had lovely sitting/study rooms and hardwood desks in our rooms. It did need a square of carpet though, so my grandma took me to a carpet/flooring store to browse “rejects”. Sometimes people come to pick up their order and it isn’t what they expected or maybe they just can’t pay. Either way, I lucked out and got a big, gorgeous raspberry colored beveled plush rug on the cheap! 🙂

  5. glad you had a great experience at orientation – sounds like you hit it off with a bunch of new people! and you look beautiful in your id – not fair. i remember for mine, the group i was in had to walk over to the office in the POURING RAIN…yes, minutes before they took our id photos.

    i look like a wet, angry rat – and i have no desire to pay $20 just for a new picture. i was less than pleased, but anyways – haha.

    i love your comforter! and the colors 🙂 you must be so relieved to know your room mate already rather than being assigned one.

    have fun this week – sounds like abusy but fun one!

  6. You’re like the perfect fit for college life. I can totally see you getting completely involved and loving every second of it.

  7. Glad you’re back here!
    I don’t know what my dorm room’s going to look like, but I really want to put up lots of posters! ❤
    And girl, your weekend is so busy! And your classes, too! (18 credits + extra curricular?!?! WTH?!)
    Oooh, and one of the photo is invisible 😦

  8. DORM LIFE<3 lol

    ur id IS SUPER CUTE!! omg i cant even show mine.. i cant even show MYSELF mine for that matter lol haha

  9. I always took 18-20 credit hours. You’ll be fine, it just keeps you busy in a good way.

    And I’m jealous of you getting to go see Eclipse! That’s awesome!

  10. Decorating your dorm is so fun! I went for a pink and green theme, and my room basically looked like hot pink and lime green had a lovechild and threw up everywhere. Not the best color choices in a teensy tiny room, but I grew to love it!! I can’t wait to see the finished product of your room!

  11. yay for having a great time at orientation!
    im really glad to hear that it wasn’t awkward because that is my biggest fear (mines in a week)
    love the colors you chose, as i already told you 🙂 haha

    have fun in VA!

  12. That is great that you met someone you can room with! I had a random roomate and it didn’t go all that well.
    My colors were white, black, and yellow. They seem to have so much more cute bedding now that I am done with college.

  13. Little Bookworm · · Reply

    I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I have been reading your blog and I think is great. Sounds like you had a fun time at orientation. 🙂

  14. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) · · Reply

    i am sooo excited for you!!!! you are going to LOOOOVE college, i can’t wait to go back 🙂

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