Eating With Enjoyment

You are all amazing! 🙂

I did not expect such an overwhelming response to my post about Body Haters the other day. From all of your comments I gathered that I was definitely not over reacting to this mans comments. I only wish that I could go back and tell this man just how rude he was.

You know I have to admit something to you all..

I like to eat!

And I’m not afraid to say it.

I have been alive for eighteen years now and there is one thing that I have learned about women. With women (not all, but many) there is some sort of taboo about eating. Why is it that men get to chow down while were stuck eating salads. (Although nothing is wrong with salads, especially if they are like Gena’s!)

We have been programed that there is something wrong with us if we actually… GASP… enjoy our food!

One of the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much is getting to look at and take part in the joy that others get from their kitchen creations. For me being in the kitchen is a place to express myself. Its a place where even the biggest mistakes can still end up being tasty (sometimes… not all the time. Trust me!) Have you ever been expected to eat a certain way just because your a woman?

I have gotten a few comments at times when I eat more than a salad such as…

  • Wow look at you go.
  • Where do you put it all?
  • Are you sure you want to eat that?

Mind you these meals were not greasy, salty, unhealthy foods. It might have been a baked sweet potato with a cup of soup and a medium sized salad. Perfectly reasonable. But still… why did people comment? Is there something wrong with being a girl and having an appetite?

Now onto some of my recent and delicious eats.

After the whole gym fiasco I met up with a good friend and we went out for lunch.

As an appetizer we split some of the best hummus with roasted red peppers.

A huge leafy green salad with more roasted red peppers.

(Im going through a phase can you tell?) 😉

After putting my sprializer into retirement over this past winter, I was so happy to break it out and use it on some of the most gorgeous zucchini that I purchased at a local farmers market. I got four big zucchini for three bucks, you cant beat that!

Zucchini noodles tossed with my tangy tahini dressing, 1/2 a sweet potato and a falafel from Ghossains.

I forgot how much I enjoy zucchini noodles!

On a side note, did anyone know that Orange Julius has dairy free smoothies? I went there with a friend the other day to chit chat and asked if they had any dairy free/vegan ones and they surprised me with a yes. They have two the Banana Berry Squeeze and the Raspberry Crush, and I ended up paying 5 bucks for the Banana Berry Squeeze just to give it a try. How do you feel about drinks from places like Orange Julius?

In all honesty I NEVER drink things from Orange Julius just because they straight up liquid calories all from sugar. While it tasted good for a sip or two I ended up getting a headache from all of the sugar – the Raspberry crush has over 80 grams of sugar and the Banana berry squeeze has about 60 grams.

The rest was given to Earth Mama who thoroughly appreciated it. 🙂

That’s all for me today! Im taking a easy rest day today from the gym, after working out on a two day weight/cardio split. Ill do a little bit of yoga, work on my abs and do some Zumba of course!

I have some very exciting new too coming your way!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite type of summer veggie?

A granola giveaway over at Leslie Loves Veggies.



  1. I really could talk about food all day. Favorite food memories, favorite restaurants, favorite things to make, I could go on! I, too, *love food* and think it’s absolutely ridiculous that women, especially healthy women, should be constantly expected to subsist off of cucumbers (not that there is anything wrong with a cuc)! My personal favorite is “you are so skinny for someone who eats so much.
    Those noodles look delish! Esp. with that sweet potato added in. What kind of spiralizer do you have?

  2. AMEN sista!! ppl are always like ” wow for your size, you sure do eat a lot ” heck yes! proud of it!

  3. Whenever anyone comments on my eating habits I tell them to shut up. After years of having an ED and worrying about eating “too much” I will not let anyone comment about my eating habits and make me feel bad. I am proud of the fact that I am a woman who EATS, not just picks at lettuce.

    I hope if that guy says anything like that to you at the gym again you will tell them to mind their own business!

  4. I love to eat, too! I think those feelings of shame or embarrassment at eating are what drive many women to sneaking food and binging. So let’s be unabashed eaters. 🙂

  5. summer veggie hmm.. favortie is probably kabocha squash!!

    kale and spinach too, as well as green onions 😛

    im really proud of you for your last post and i too am really shocked at why we always have that guilt as women to admit hunger or admit a love of food. it a social prejudice really. as long as ur a woman you cant say you love food because that means your fat- how DISGUSTING to think that right!! but so many people do and it really makes me sad because think of when we grew up as kids, we still had more of a normal childhood just before the internet and celebrity boom. but NOW little girls are anorexic at 9 and body dysmorphic at 3!! its like OMG! WE NEED TO WAKE UP! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!

    xoxo ❤

  6. I just started reading your blog and I have to say you are incredible! Your last post especially really impressed me and I love that you are so happy to admit that you love food because unfortunately not enough girls these days seem to!

    Believe it or not I’ve never had a drink from Orange Julius. Even when I wasn’t eating as healthy as I am now it never really appealed to me.

    I also noticed that you’ll be attending Mount Union in the fall. I’ve never been there but I know some people who go there and I hear it’s great! I actually go to Kent State, so I’m not too far from where you’ll be 🙂


  7. I’m a food lover and while it isn’t the reason I became vegan, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for food. And I’ll unapologetically eat as much as I want in one sitting, thank you very much, haters.
    My favorite summer veggie is… all of them? 🙂

  8. whoa 80grams of sugar!?!? When I took the glucose test (during pregnancy to test how your body reacts to sugar to make sure you’re not at risk for gestational diabetes) it only had 50grams and laid me flat on my ass for two days.

  9. I’m totally part of the “I like to eat” club. Especially when theres so much yummy food out there to try!

    I’m not into small portions. I hate the feeling of being hungry so when i eat out I always hope it’ll be a substantial portion. I won’t lie, sometimes when my 6 foot tall dad eats half the amount I do, I can feel like i’m being a bit unlady like but everyone’s body is different and we all have different metabolisms.

    The hilarious thing to me is that not only have I gotten reactions to when i eat a ton of food, but also to when I order a salad. It’s crazy! I’ve actually gotten the “is that all you’re going to have….” and the accompanying look before when i’ve ordered a salad. So much so that I actually apologized on a date one time for ordering a salad because i felt lame! Crazy right!

    Also, Orange Julius is just okay. I’m not a fan of smoothies that don’t have any dairy (or dairy substitute in them). I guess i like them a bit creamier. I prefer to make my own and even though i’m not a vegan use almond milk. It adds such yummy flavour!
    Plus then you control what goes into it. (though doing the dishes after does suck…)

  10. Really? Zucchini noodles? No way! That sounds amazing!

    You know, I think some guys like it when a girl can eat! I mean, what’s the fun when a guy takes a girl out on a date and all the girl orders is a side salad? (unless the guy is skimpy on money, then he’s a jerk)

    be proud and show them your appetite!

  11. sagojyou · · Reply

    How would we girls NOT like to eat?
    Seriously, that is so true; men are okay with eating whatever and girls, not so much. (the media and the society sucks) That’s kind of like how we can’t criticize fat people but we can criticize skinny people. Weird, I know.

    The food looks good, though!!! (the bread looks gooood!! Along with the zucchini noodles!!!) 😀 😀 Orange julius? Never tried it before. I wouldn’t buy it because I can make a healthier one and put whatever I want and make it under $5 😉

    Fave summer veggie is snap peas (is this the season?!?!) and zucchini!!! (and eggplants and portabella mushrooms! They are soooooooo good!!! Don’t know if they’re a summer vegetable/fungi though) lol 😀

  12. Aw, Michal!
    I think you´re so right.
    I don´t understand why people have to be so weird when it comes to girls with appetite, either. I mean, what´s wrong with a salad+sweet potato+protein combo? That´s much healthier (and tastier… shhsh!) then a plate of greasy fried onions and bacon-filled cheeseburguers.
    And, to people that eat that (fried foods, etc) on a regular basis… Nothing! Nobody says a THING!
    It´s so. unfair.
    Oh, well.
    I got your back, sweetie!
    Feel free to e-mail me, haha.
    Wish you a terrific day.
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  13. A wonderful post, muffin! Reminds me of my post on “embracing our appetites” and my recent thoughts about the up-side of emotional eating. I love, love, love that you love to eat, and that you’re sharing that love with us all!

  14. I’m with Gena. There should be no shame in loving food, only shame in making others feel bad about it.

    Hmm… my favorite summer vegetables are probably sugar snap peas! I haven’t had any this year yet 😦

  15. […] was really interestead to read all of your comments on yesterday’s post about Eating With Enjoyment. Each tasty little morsel that you put in your mouth is a reason to celebrate! Keep your thoughts […]

  16. I also love to eat! But unfortunately, I have not been able to come to terms with it. I hope I can make peace with my appetite someday. I know I will be happier when I do.

    And about restaurants that serve mostly junk, but do have a few vegan options… I think it’s good to support those vegan choices! Restaurants aren’t going away anytime soon. 🙂 The best thing we can do is cast our votes for what we want! That’s what I think anyway. 🙂 And thanks for making me aware of Orange Julius’ vegan drinks! That may just come in handy! 🙂

    Love you! 🙂

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