Groovy Green Oats

I am up so early this morning!

Well earlier than I have been up in a while. My breakfast has been eaten, and in just a little bit once in all done digesting I’ll be heading to the gym to work on my arms and to do some HIIT training today.

I loved hearing all of your favorite smoothie combination’s, keep them coming! All of the new ideas are so refreshing especially since I like anyone else can get stuck in a smoothie rut and make the same thing (ahem.. green smoothie.) over and over. The result? Green smoothie burn out. I haven’t had one in a few months. Do I miss them? Perhaps. I think ill wait a little longer, the thought is still making my stomach a teeny bit queasy.

I have another recipe for you! πŸ™‚ It’s something totally green and groovy (thus the name, original right?) and will get you going in the morning. Promise! And while looks may be deceiving it tastes wonderful, so wonderful that you may wonder just how it could be good for you…

Groovy Green Oats

1/2 cups oats

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup vanilla soymilk

1/2 tsp agave

1/2 tsp spirulina powder

1/4 tsp wheat grass powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp flax seed meal


Bring 3/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of soymilk to a boil on the stove or in the microwave. While your water/milk combo is beginning to boil mix all of your dry ingredients in a bowl. When the water is nice and hot, pour it in a little at a time to your liking (I usually use a full cup or a teeny bit less.) Mix well and place a plate overtop to “cook” your oats, so they get nice and soft. Add in your agave nectar and vanilla extract and mix.


If your like me and you will put anything into your oatmeal you can add one or any of the following…

Sliced bananas, raisins, wheat germ, 1-2 tbsp protein powder.

Or anything else that strikes your fancy really.

With this bowl of oats I’m up to 12 ingredients, watch out Katie or I may just steal your title of the oatmeal queen. πŸ˜‰ Just teasing! I honestly don’t know how I would even cram 2 more ingredients into this bowl. But believe me, where there is a will, there’s a way.

So I like everyone else has been drooling reading the new 10th anniversary issue of VegNews magazine! I really wish I could have gotten the subscriber cover though, its so gorgeous!

Check out whats inside. Sidebar, left hand side, page 104.

What do you know, an add for a really fabulous vegan resturant that yours truly happens to work at. Gotta represent with the $5 off coupon yo!

We now inturupt this post to bring you a special announcement…

Hi! Just got back from my workout and gosh am I sweaty. Like major. Its almost like I took a dive in a pool or something. Gotta love HIIT training. πŸ™‚

Okay Ive gotta scram, I have to take a shower and then get ready to go to work and make some tasty vegan food all day until seven o’clock. Sheesh today is gonna be a long one!

Oh and I may or may not have a new surprise and it comes in a box that look like this..

What could it be? I shall leave you in suspense until tomorrow!

(Just pretend you don’t already know! ;))

Michal β™₯

Question of the day – What are your favorite oatmeal add ins?

Katie is having a CSN giveaway!



  1. I hadn’t seen the other (nonsub) VegNews cover- I was wondering what it looked like!!
    Ooooh I love getting boxes- especially ones with goodies like that!

    1. I hope when I return home ffrom vacation that I find my copy of VegNews in the mail. Seriously. It has been too long waiting for that mag. I love your green oats. I have to say I have heard and seen so many people make it but I have yet to try. Have fun at the restaurant. Sounds like lots of fun!

  2. Ahh your oats look AWESOME
    favorite add in…? HMM.. PB for shiz

  3. whoa your oats look “healthy” hahaha. i don’t know about the wheatgrass in there, but i think i’ll acquire a taste for it sooner or later πŸ˜‰

    yay boxes! i love receiving packages, even if they’re something that i ordered myself..haha. hmmm i don’t know? Toshiba…a laptop?

  4. The oats look awesome!! I’ve been wanting to do a sort of green oats concoction, but I don’t think mine could come close to these πŸ˜‰
    And that looks like a pretty exciting package!
    Hope your workday is going well for you πŸ™‚

  5. I’m all about some peanut butter in my oatmeal. Or really, peanut butter in anything!

  6. yea, it’s so a laptop. that’s the only thing i know that toshiba is known for. i wish i had a laptop in college back in 2000 when i went but i had a gateway desktop. i swear when i went back to college around 2007, everyone had a laptop in my classes but when i went to cal poly, i think i only saw like 5 laptops people were using in class the whole time i was there from 2000 to 2004. OMG, times have changed so much!!

    i really hope you enjoy your new baby aka laptop.

  7. THE SUSPENSE KILLS! but i love suprises so i will be waiting ❀

    im gonna have to try ur groovy oats soon. kk bookmarked and saved. this will taste fantastic!


  8. Nice! I’ve never thought about greens in my oats! I’ve been in a green smoothie rut for a while too.

  9. I am super boring when it comes to oats. I like peanut butter or nuts. Your oatmeal combo does sound mighty tasty though!

  10. Those oats actually sound amazing- I love green things πŸ™‚ My favorite oat add in is definitely NUT BUTTER. So cliched, but hey, it’s a classic! Hope you have a great night love!! xoxo

  11. I was on a green smoothie kick for a while too but now I am so sick of them. Your green oats sure look…interesting. I’ve never been into the whole spirulina or wheatgrass thing, but I’d give green oats a try anyway. My favorite way to eat oatmeal is with chopped nuts and a big spoonful of nut butter on top. I can’t eat oatmeal without nut butter!

  12. I love putting spirulina into everything, and then I only slightly regret it when all my food turns out green.

    My #1 favorite type of oatmeal is PB & J oats, but I actually don’t eat them anymore because I have zero self control around them. Tooooo delicious.

    Another favorite add-in is cacao nibs. Dang they are so good!

  13. Hi beautiful!!! Ok so it’s sooo ironic..that flaming lip vegan shampoo i won in your give away a few months back? well, i am using it right now! I use it on skylar & i and we smell sooo good πŸ™‚ i alternate that with conventional crap to make the good stuff last longer πŸ™‚

    it was soo great to have you pop in my inbox. i have thought about you TONS the past few mos and glad you’re doing ok. unintentional break, you;ll have to fill me in on that one, but hey, you’re back now πŸ™‚


  14. sagojyou · · Reply

    Nice green oats!! It’s VERY green, I have to say! πŸ˜‰

    OMG!! You got the VegNews magazine too? Same here! I got it not too long ago, and I’m enjoying it so much!! (I know, I saw FIC’s ad there!) Nice πŸ˜‰ Did you know that it was going to be on there? It’s funny how we both got the magazine (and especially for me, because it’s only my second time buying a magazine like this!!) I’m going to subscribe to it when school starts! How about you?

    I don’t really have oats, so I don’t know my favorite add-ins would be. And hmm…wonder what you got in that box up there? Ooh, the suspense is going to torture me! Ahhhh! πŸ˜€

  15. i totally have prezzies for you!!

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  17. balancejoyanddelicias · · Reply

    wooo!!! that’s an amazing oat combo! I’d definitely want to try that!!! πŸ˜€
    and congrats on getting a new laptop!

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