Happy Birthday to Earth Mama!

Happy Birthday Mom!

This past friday was my mom’s birthday! 🙂

To celebrate such a special occasion I decided to bake her a cake using two of her favorite things. Peanut butter and chocolate. Thank you to all of you who suggested recipes for your favorite chocolate cake’s on my last post, they really came in handy! In the end I ended up using the chocolate cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, which I doubled. And then I used a variation of the peanut butter filling that I used in my Whoop Whoop Whoopie Pies for the in between layer.

I give you the Peanut Butter Devastation Cake…. which PB double stuffed oreo’s. (Yes they are vegan!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Devastation Cake

For the cake…

2 cups soy milk (I used vanilla)

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

2/3 cup canola oil

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp additional flavored extract of your choice (i used almond)

2 cups all-purpose flower

2/3 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

How to make the cake…

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and spray two cake pans with a non-stick cooking spray. Whisk together the soy milk and apple cider vinegar in a bowl and set aside to let it curdle. Then add the vanilla, oil, sugar and your extracts and beat until well incorporated.

In another bowl sift together all of your dry ingredients. In two batches mix your dry ingredients with your wet ingredients and beat together until no clumps remain.

Bake in the oven for 18-22 minutes or until it springs back when hit with a knife.

For the peanut butter filling…

2/3 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup earth balance

3/4 cup powdered sugar (more for extra fluffiness. I used 1 cup)

How to make the filling…

Beat together peanut butter and earth balance until creamy. Add in powdered sugar in small batches until well incorporated.

For the chocolate frosting I used the recipe right out of VCTOTW!

1/4 cup vegan margarine

1/4 cup shortening

1/2 cup cocoa powder

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

3 tbsp soy milk

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

To make the frosting cream together the margarine and shortening using an electric mixer until combined. Add the cocoa powder and beat well. Add the powdered sugar in small batches and beat well, adding in table spoons of soy milk in between batches.

Now its time to assemble your cake!

Place one of your chocolate cakes on the bottom. Top with the peanut butter frosting. Top with another cake. Using a knife (or fancier frosting tools!) frost your cake with the chocolate icing, then decorate with pb double stuffed oreos.


And that’s it for pictures, the cake didn’t last long enough for me to take anymore.

I had so much fun baking and decorating this cake, it meant so much for to me since it was for someone I loved. Do you find it more enjoyable to do something (such as cooking or baking) when it’s for someone you love? Was this cake healthy at all? Umm… no. But I enjoyed baking it because it makes other people happy. Actually that is why I love cooking and baking so much, because it gives other people joy which in return makes me happy! 🙂

Everyone said that the cake was delicious! And I am so proud of how it turned out! I was thankful to have everyone’s feedback since I didn’t have any, since I’m trying to tighten up my food choices a teensy bit since I am starting to get more serious about lifting and building muscle.

Holy mama that was one long recipe post! Regularly scheduled posting will return tomorrow!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How did you spend your weekend? Whats new in your life?



  1. that, by far, has to be the craziest cake i have ever seen. holy cow!!! your momma must have been really happy! you’re such a great daughter!

    this weekend was spent cooking, baking, putting the house together, spending time with family, and going to veggie fest! it was perfect. Hence the latest blog title: Perfection. 🙂

  2. Oh Wow!!! How entirely yummy looking! You really outdid yourself with that cake, Michal! 😀

  3. What a beautiful cake, Michal! It looks like a chocolate pb lover’s dream (I definitely know one in my house… he’s still begging me to make your whoppie pies haha). I bake A LOT but don’t actually eat it myself; I do it all for my loved ones. My mom and I also bake for something we started called the Cupcake Ministry. Basically, we do random acts of kindness for people by baking for them. It never fails to bring a few smiles on a tough day at work, school, or my yoga studio!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Beautiful cake! I want some peanut butter oreos now! Ha!

  5. ieattrees · · Reply

    Happy Birthday Earth Mama!!! 🙂
    That cake looks INSANELY DELICIOUS! I’m going to have to make one of those for my mom’s birthday this month! YUM!

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Searles, Michal. Michal said: Check out my latest post! Chocolate PB Devastation Cake Recipe, yum!! 🙂 http://wp.me/pxpHC-JA […]

  7. I think I just passed out from pleasure looking at that cake. Sounds like a peanut butter chocolate coma! The good kind. hehe

  8. Oh my word, this looks absolutely FANTASTIC. You are a pro- seriously, I want to reach in through the screen! I’m sure your mama absolutely LOVED it!!

  9. highonhealthy · · Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday to Earth Mama! That cake looks ridiculously good and you did a fantastic job decorating it!

    My weekend was spent working all day Saturday and then doing absolutely nothing all day Sunday.. it was pretty great.

  10. I almost drooled on myself looking at that cake.

  11. That looks delicious! Its amazing how great cooking and baking for others can make you feel, I definitely know what you’re talking about. PS, I tried my first Zumba class today and I’m in LOVE. Zumba and Yoga might be tied for favorite workouts now.. 😀

  12. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!

    This is death by peanut butter and chocolate!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom! The cake you made looks incredible…YUM! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us 🙂

    My weekends are usually spent shopping 😉

  14. OMG seriously this is the best looking cake I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son would love this cake! This might have to be his birthday cake next year! I AM DROOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet your mom LOVED this! I wish I was there to have a piece of this heaven!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day girl! xoxo

  15. Your cake is out of control!! It looks delicious, what a lucky mama! 😉 I love baking for people I <3, however I also feel so much pressure and tend to down talk it – need to get over that! 🙂

  16. thanks alot
    thank you very much

  17. Sagojyou · · Reply

    Happy super belated birthday to your mom!
    That cake looks amazing! Did you finish it? I hope your mom liked it! 😀

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