Yes, it’s funky indeed.


(Thank goodness its saturday!)

And what a saturday it is. I have already gotten up and gone to my 9:30 am Zumba class, ran to the bank, stopped at the grocery store, did a load of laundry and called Virgin Mobile since I am having some problems with my new phone?

Oh I didnt show you my new phone? Here it is! πŸ™‚

Snazzy right? Its kind of like a blackberry.

The reason why I went with Virgin Mobile is because with their 25$ a month plan I can get unlimited internet, texting and email. Pluss 300 or so minutes a month. This is great for me since I really dont talk on my phone much, I have my house phone for that. I am a huge texter though (isnt everyone these days?!) Do you have a cell phone? What kind do you have?

While I think that texting is much quicker and sometimes more convient I really think that its impersonal. I much rather would be able to call someone up, or even better write a letter! I love getting mail! Do you like to text or talk?

The one thing though that im not liking is that I am recieving majorly junky service! It was working great and all was fine, but now im not getting any text messages at all… and the phone is freezing! I feel so cut off.. ahh! Lets hope I can get this fixed soon!

Review Alert!

You all know I am a HUGE fan of Funky Monkey Snack Companies freeze dried fruit snacks. They are so yummy, and good for you to boot! Well I was able to sample some new flavors, Mango OJ and Purple Funk.

The Mango OJ flavor was just ok. Nothing too special. It had a orange-y flavor, but it was a teensy bit bitter which I did not dig at all!

Purple Funk indeed! I was not crazy about this flavor at all. The taste reminded me of chlorine or something, and left a funky after taste. I would definitely NOT eat this flavor again. I would much rather eat one of the other flavors that I know and love (bananamon anyone?)

The verdict? Well overall I was completely disappointed with two of these flavors. Since I like every other one of Funky Monkey’s flavors I figured that these would be great too. While I wont buy these again, I will definitely be buying and recommending all of their other flavors (you can find reviews for the other flavors on my Product Reviews page!)

On the food front, tons of great salads have been in my life lately.

Including this salad beast.

Spinach and romaine mix with peas, carrots, 1/2 a cucumber for the base. Then on top I had a smidgen of spicy black bean hummus, 1 piece of whole wheat pita and a couple pieces of falafel, all from Ghossains. Ahh Im in love!

Doesnt it look pretty! It reminds me of Hey Arnold a little bit haha!


I also have some fun plans for later today! After I finish up doing some chores around the house im going to be ordering some stuff from the Zumba website. Yay for online shopping! After my online shopping, Im going to be going out with my friend Aarica before work to get something special done. Can you guess what it is?

Also thanks for all the emails letting me know about my pictures not showing up properly, I forgot to renew my photobucket account. Oops! But were all renewed now, so everything is back to normal. Also I got an email saying that my blog page takes FOREVER to load. Is anyone else having that problem? I try to keep it as clutter free as possible, and keep links and things to a minimum. If anyone else is having this problem too, let me know!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

Michal β™₯

Question of the day – What are your plans for this weekend?



  1. MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD! Hahaha I loved that show. What was that girl’s name? Olga? Helga? Something like that.

    Your page doesn’t take a long time to load for me!

  2. Vanilla · · Reply

    I don’t have a problem with viewing your blog, it’s perfect with google. Maybe with Firefox it’ll be better?

    Loooollll It does look like Arnold!! We should do a blog trend with ”Who does your food look like?” πŸ˜€

    I wonder if Funky products are available in Canada? If not I hope it’ll be soon…too bad those flavours weren’t good, I expect good things when I read ”Acai” xD


  3. i have a iphone 3G and i love it. the only thing that sucks lately with it, is that i can’t figure out how to transfer all of my apps to my new macbook. also all of my old music is on my iphone and again, i don’t know how to transfer everything over. AHHHH!! IT SUCKS!!

  4. omg i see the hey arnold resemblance!! haha is that weird that i can actually see it too?? i loved that show growing up, me and my brother were addicted. except when he would tease me and say i looked like Helga haha πŸ™‚
    “shut up, football head!” πŸ˜‰

    btw. super jealous of ur hi-tech phone~!!

  5. I must say I am for sure a texter. I don’t like talking on the phone at all. I have an iphone but am really liking the sound of your monthly bill!! Falafel sounds so good right now!

  6. Your page loads fine for me. Not slow at all! πŸ™‚

    I love to get snail mail! Seriously, it’s the best!

    But guess what, Michal? I still don’t really text! I know– it’s like I’m living way in the past or something. But hey, at least I’m not using a pager! πŸ™‚ Someday I’ll add texting to my Verizon plan. But until then…

    So falafel tastes good with salad? Great! I bought a box of the Fantastic brand mix to try out. I also tried to find pitas to go with it, but to no avail. Would just plain old bread do? I’ve never had falafel before and I’m not quite sure what to do with it, but I’m excited to try it out. πŸ™‚

    Talk to you again soon!

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  8. Hey! So I know I read your blog once before, but I just saw that you have the flaming ice cube as one of your vegan shops – I live like 15/20 minutes away from there! Where are you from?

  9. Nahh, don’t worry about your blog – you’d have to add about 700 more pixels onto your images for anything to slow down… Most likely, that’s an issue with the person’s computer/server who sent you the email.

  10. I just got a new phone, too! It’s a Blackberry. I’m loving it. And I definitely love texting. You don’t have to potentially bug somebody by calling them and you won’t get stuck in a long conversation.

  11. Hahaha I love your hey arnold salad! Your page loads fine, actually very quickly imo, so no worries πŸ™‚ Just out of curiosity, are you at all nervous about being vegan at school? I feel like I’m going to be totally out of my comfort zone by not being my own cook!

  12. […] Yes, it’s funky indeed. […]

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